Today's Opinions

  • Letter to the editor: Power of the press can damage families

    In reference to our meeting of June 2 concerning the person in question in your June 1 publication of the May 24, 2011, Owen Circuit Court report. I have received calls from individuals that knew different and saw your paper and even an attorney questioning what was going on.

  • Letter to the editor: Community should do what is right and vote ‘no’

    When I read the “Dear Editor” letter for a child last week about selling beer and alcohol, it broke my heart. If anyone who calls themselves Christians read this letter and doesn’t vote “no,” I know they will have to answer someday for their actions. Please just vote “no.”
    If a small child pleads to vote no because of Dad yelling at Mom, throwing stuff and cussing her out because of drinking, it has to be right to vote “no.”
    If someone has it more handy to buy, you know it would be worse. Please for the sake of our children, please vote no

  • Registration deadline for wet/dry vote is June 28

    Don’t miss the “must-attend” event of the year July 26, 2011, at your voting poll.
    Last month on May 17, Primary Election Day, only 14 percent of the registered voters in Owen County went to the polls and voted. How to get citizens to vote is a question for people more knowledgeable about this than I.
    As your county clerk it is my responsibility to make sure that on election day the machines are ready and supplies available for the precinct workers.
    My staff and I have been busy getting ready for the special July 26 election.

  • Letter to the editor: Letter reveals child’s concern over alcohol sales in Owen County

    I’m writing this editorial to share my view on the wet/dry issue. My main concern is for the children of Owen County. What is best for them? I have seen children in our county schools who live with tough situations at home. I believe that allowing stores to sell alcohol in our county will compound some of the problems these children have to deal with daily.

  • Letter to the editor: Going wet sparked Danville economy with plenty of new growth

    As a former commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Local Government, I am familiar with the Owen County’s community leadership.
    As a descendant of an Owen County family who migrated to my native Calloway County in the 1830s, I appreciate Owen County’s history.
    As president/CEO of the Danville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership, I understand the challenge of development in a county on the U.S. 127 corridor distant from interstate access.
    I wish to provide my perspective on Danville’s recent success in expanding alcohol sales.

  • Strawberry Fields Forever and ever

    It’s hard to imagine that a group popular a couple dozen years before I was born — and disbanded long before I was thought of — could make such an impact on the person I’ve become.
    I was about 10 years old the first time I heard a Beatles song. From the opening harmonica in “Love Me Do,” I set out on a never-ending quest of Beatles knowledge.
    In a short time I collected all of their albums, even some on long-playing records — a format not too many kids my age even recognized at the time.

  • Letter to the Editor: Arts in the Park organizers thankful for support

    Yet again, the people of Owen County have shown their true colors.

  • Letter to the Editor:Bullying demands serious action

    When I was younger and there was trouble on the bus, our bus driver would either stop the bus and sit there for a while or take the kid off the bus and bust their butts. When the child got home their parents would do the same thing. I understand that is now against the law, but no serious action is being taken. Now days the bus driver puts the troubling kid up front and sometimes they will get ISD, but very rarely. Being a bus driver is hard enough, but adding the screaming, yelling, profanity and name-calling makes it a lot harder. Our bus monitors also have a hard job.