Today's Opinions

  • What’s in a number?

    I love Chinese food. It’s one of my favorite types of food to eat and I especially like the fortune cookie you get when they give you the bill. I’ve traveled to Asia and they really don’t give you fortune cookies at most restaurants there.
    The fortune cookie is an American thing, but it’s fun anyway.
    While I don’t follow the signs or stars or don’t let astrology rule my thought process — except for belief in that whole full moon thing — I do save the fortunes from my cookies.

  • Saveway’s survival shouldn’t shock but there is a lesson to be learned

    One of the things that has impressed me most about Owen countiains since I came here nearly three years ago is the strong sense of independence people around here constantly display and their commitment to preserving the past.
    When word started circulating around town last week that Saveway would be closing its doors, people took it personally.
    “There has never been a time during my life when there wasn’t a Saveway,”

  • It’s like putting down a favorite horse

    I faced an ugly truth this week.
    It’s about time to say goodbye to an old friend - my 1999 Toyota Sienna van.
    When I bought the van from the Kentucky Press Association, it already had about 130,000 miles on it. Most of those were highway miles. It had been used my staff members who had to attend meetings and workshops around the state and nation.
    David Thompson, president of KPA, is meticulous about making sure the oil was changed well before the 3,000 mile mark.

  • Letter to the editor: Search-dog team appreciates support

    The Grand Paws Search Dog Team was honored July 13 by being co-recipients of the Owen Countian of the Year Award.
    It has been an honor to  serve Owen County for the past 12 years in a lot of different capacities. Our  members consist of EMTs, farmers, and office workers, but all are volunteers.
    GPSDA members are dedicated to providing well- trained dogs to search for missing individuals in Owen County and surrounding counties.

  • Letter to the editor: Love sparked 'no' vote

    I thank God that we still have the freedom to vote in America. It is a privilege not shared by many countries whereby the people’s voice can be heard. Many Owen County voters exercised that privilege on Tuesday, July 26, to speak out on an issue that could profoundly affect our county and residents for years to come. I, for one, am very glad they did.

  • Letter to the editor: A special 100th birthday message to Bill Livers

    Howdy Livers:
    I want you to know that I did not forget your cool 100th birthday.
    As long as I can remember, you were going to live to be “a cool 100.”
    Livers, you’ve been gone 23 years and the ones who knew and loved you still misses you. Every so often someone will say, “Big Jim, tell me a Bill Livers story.”

  • Lodge honors memory of Marvin Ogden

    Faith Rebekah Lodge #123 whereas, it has pleased God in his infinite wisdom to call from labor on Earth to his reward on high, our true and beloved brother, Marvin Collin Ogden, who departed this life Jan. 6, 2011 therefore be it resolved, that Faith Rebekah Lodge #123, in testimony of his loss, drape the charter in mourning for 30 days and whereas, he having been a true and faithful member of our order, therefore be it resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the family, a copy sent to the News-Herald and a copy to spread on the minutes of our lodge as a memorial to him.

  • Transportation staff saving lives each day

    I am writing to let everyone know how thankful I am for the Owen County transportation services. I am a dialysis patient and have been receiving transportation from Phyllis Webster for almost two years.
    Phyllis is a wonderful person. She is always kind and caring. She devotes many hours of her time making sure others are where they need to be. She goes beyond just driving me to appointments; she always makes sure I make it on and off the van safely. Without the help of Phyllis and Owen County Transportation Services, I would not be able to receive the care I need.