• Letter to the editor: Officials’ vote is questioned

    The winery is not the issue here. Voting on a matter without seeing the evidence that filled the courtroom with concerns citizens is.  
    How can an elected official clearly represent the people if he does not require all information to be presented, and demand, on my behalf, to see the full picture?
    Is that how the government of our county is going to be run - secret petitions?
    When an honest election is presented, there should be no fear of the public’s full knowledge and full disclosure.

    Peggie Tisch-Rollins

  • Letter to the editor: Morgan appreciates concern after crash

    It’s great to live in Owen County!
    I am so thankful that I get to live in Owen County. I have not lived anywhere else and have never wanted to. Owen County is a beautiful town with great scenery, great agriculture, and great people! If you ask me, I say this is the greatest town in the world! Owen County has always been home to me and recently I’ve been reminded that it is also a family.

  • Letter to the editor: Sidewalk repairs help our seniors

    To the City of Owenton, City Council, and the Mayor of Owenton,
    Thank you so very much for the repair of our sidewalk. We thank the city Council and the mayor of Owenton for the blessed donation. My self and the seniors appreciate all of the hard work and how fast it was taken care of.  It has made our building look a lot better.
    Stacey Long and the seniors
    Owen County Senior Center

  • Letter to the editor: Remember Sunday sales vote in November

    On Aug. 12, it was amazing to see so many Owen countians who filled the old courthouse - folks standing everywhere hoping their voices would be heard.
    All but two of the speakers stated strong cases against expanded alcohol sales but it fell on deaf ears.
    I would like to thank Magistrate Asa Phillips for standing and voting with the concerned voters of Owen County against Sunday sales.
    Also a hearty thanks to (Owen County Judge-Executive) Carolyn Keith who allowed so many people to voice their fears and she also cast a ‘no’ vote for the record.

  • Letter to the editor: Preachers should speak up despite federal laws

    What are we to do? Our homeland is filled with violence. Alcohol and drugs are the frontal attack to weaken us before the full-scale assault. The hearts of many of our leaders have been turned to stone. Their hearing is dull.
    For Christians, the future is still bright. Our God, Jesus Christ, is alive and still in control. Just as in the frontier times, the bear is at the cabin door seeking to devour us.
    But as Pharaoh said about Moses “his God is God.”  That is still true today. Our God is God.

  • Letter to the editor: Churches stepping up to help the hungry

    Meeting the Needs Ministry would like to thank all churches and individuals who have donated to Meeting the Needs Ministry Building Fund. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated.
    For many in our community, hunger is a daily challenge. There are children, families, and seniors who struggle to have enough food each day and your contributions to Meeting the Needs Ministry makes it possible to feed the hungry in Owen County. Thank You!

    Sullivan Runion
    Meeting the Needs

  • Letter to the editor: Turn to faith in troubled times

    I was unable to attend the county meeting on July 22 as I was in Washington, D.C. to meet with our representatives on behalf of Christians United For Israel. We need to pray for the peace in the Middle East. Especially pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It is the word.
    I would have asked to speak at the meeting, but I will write my words from I Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because the Devil, as a roaring lion, walk about, seeking whom he may devour.” I pray he may not.
    I hope to see everyone out on Aug. 12.

  • Letter to the editor: Fiscal court’s decision may have far-reaching impact

    The Owen County Fiscal Court will soon decide whether or not to adopt an ordinance permitting Elk Creek Winery to sell alcohol on Sundays.
    It is my understanding that this decision is the responsibility of the four Owen County magistrates with a vote cast by the judge-executive in case of a tie.

  • Letter to the editor: WMU appreciates support of fair board

    The Owen County W.M.U. Association would like to thank the Owen County Fair Board and the Owen County 4-H  for allowing our churches to use the new concession facilities to serve breakfast to the fair workers.
    The new accommodations made our work so easy and I know the workers appreciated their meal being served on the nice tables.  The new building is truly a valuable asset to our county!
    With Appreciation,

    Judy Williams
    Secretary O.C.W.M.U.

  • Letter to the editor: Sunday alcohol sales won’t benefit public

    It has come to my attention that once again a new law has been passed to take away our right as citizens to vote on a very important issue - that being alcohol sales in our county.
    Several years ago, we voted as a county to keep our county dry. A new law has been passed saying it’s no longer left to us to vote on this issue but our leaders, our county judge-executive and magistrates.
    With due respect, are the citizens of Owen County capable to decide by vote whether we want our county wet or dry?