• A moment with "Big Jim" will never be forgotten

    I  met Jim Ware only one time.
    The occasion was an interview with Jim for information about his uncle Bill Livers. Yet my intended short visit stretched to  over an hour as I was captivated by “Big Jim’s” spell bounding talent as a  storyteller. He regaled me with colorful tales of not only his uncle, but of his own life growing up in Owen County.
    Belying his illness, Jim’s booming voice seemed to fill the room and his laughter was contagious as it tumbled from within him in loud delightful guffawing.

  • Oct. 29, 2014: Letters to the editor

    Not on ballot, but not out of picture

    I am being asked why my name is not on the ballot for Owenton City Council. I was in the hospital Aug. 1-21 and was unable to file for this office.
    I deeply regret not having the opportunity to represent you. It has been a great honor to be on the city council. You have been a wonderful group to represent and I thank you for the help and support you have given me.

  • Letter to the editor: Bess will work hard to make Owen County better

    Mark Bess should be your choice for sheriff. I have known Mark and Machelle Bess for many years. He is a Christian and will work very hard for the county to maintain safety for its citizens. He will work on shutting down the rapid drug growth that our children and grandchildren face daily. He is committed to having more police to be seen and available quickly to the southern and southeastern part of the county.

  • Letter to the editor: Former mayor says his record is being distorted

    It appears that my opposition is up to his same old tricks  - half truths, misleading information and even straight-out lies. Let’s start with the money we had in the bank when I left office four years ago. There was $1.3 million in the city coffers. That is a fact that is on record and is documented.
    The city has records and our CPA, at that time, Raisor, Zapp & Woods, have the same records. Currently the city has less than $600,000. I think the citizens of Owenton deserve to know where some $700,000 has been spent in less than four years.

  • Letter to the editor: Quarles’ record makes him the best choice

    This November, Ryan Quarles is seeking re-election as state representative for the 62nd House District. I believe Ryan is the best choice to represent Owen County. He is a life-long farmer, a conservative and the only candidate endorsed by the NRA and Kentucky Right to Life.

  • Letter to the editor: Hammond has served Owen well

    When you are considering who you will vote for to be our sheriff in the upcoming election, I ask you to remember all that Zemer Hammond has done for our county.  I’m sure he has touched many lives in a positive way, as he has ours. 
    I want to thank him for the many times he stood in the cold rain and snow, directing traffic at school for the safety of our children and to help the school bus drivers.  Thank you, Zemer, for your service, protection and loyalty to Owen County.

    Russell and Bonnie Woodyard

  • Letter to the editor: Vote and hold our officials accountable

    Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are serving our military to preserve our way of life, and yet fewer and fewer of our citizens are participating in our democracy. Nov. 4 is general election day when Kentuckians will be selecting candidates for Kentucky’s General Assembly, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and many local offices. Members of Owen County Farm Bureau hope every voter will make their voices heard by casting informed votes for our government leaders.

  • Letter to the editor: You can’t beat Owen emergency services

    Thank you to friends and family, E.R. doctors, nurses, EMT and all others that I don’t remember. I can tell you all one thing for sure -- prayer sure works. I know it worked for me from the churches and members that talked to God for Jim. Please don’t think that Big Jim wasn’t talking to God too.
    Thank you for the flowers, cards, food, visits at the hospital and since I’ve been home.

  • Letter to the editor: Threlkeld will be strong judge

    I am writing this letter to ask the people in this county to elect John Brent Threlkeld to the office of circuit court judge. In the seven years I have known him, he has grown into a very trusted friend, and I know he is the best person for this job.
    I trust him with my home. When our home caught fire in the middle of the night, he was the first person we called after 911 and my parents. He got out of bed, brought a generator and lights, and helped us sift through our belongings. He has done this for other people as well.

  • Letters to the editor: Bess has earned respect, should be next sheriff

    I am writing this letter in support of Mark Bess for sheriff. I first met Mark at Eastern Kentucky University in 1980.  Mark and I both started our careers together with the Kentucky State Police after being accepted into the training academy in 1984.  After graduation, we were troopers together at Post 13 Hazard for several years before Mark transferred to Post 5 La Grange.