• Letter to the editor: Ford property zoning change process ‘flawed’

    After reading the article last week regarding the zone change for the former Ford property in town, I felt compelled to respond and clarify some of the facts surrounding the issue.  I was contacted for a quote prior to last week’s edition, but chose at that time to not make a comment as I did not want to speak emotionally and without much prior consideration.  It is not my intent to belittle any individuals or cause controversy within our community.  My intent is to simply state the truth that has been glossed over or neglected entirely. 

  • Letter to the editor: Freedom demands vigilance

    America! What shall we do? Our once great Christian republic is in serious trouble. Over a long period of time, the forces of the ultra-left have placed their legions into strategic positions in our government, our schools, and our churches. Their purpose was to prepare for their day of revolution when they will attempt to totally destabilize the republic of America and take it over.

  • Letter to the editor: Fan Fair organizer thanks some supporters

    Fan Fair 2012 was a great success and I have been blessed to be able to witness such a display of teamwork and sacrifice by so many different individuals and business owners in order to achieve what many thought was not possible. Months of planning, organizing, mailing, calling, begging, and borrowing paid off for me when I overheard representatives from WKYT Channel 27 in Lexington commenting to each other about how impressive our community is and how nice it must be to live in such a welcoming place.

  • Letter to the editor: Clarifying statements at recent planning and zoning meeting

    To clarify statements made at the re-zoning meeting June 25, I have no criticism of the planning and zoning commission’s activities and my comment wasn’t that I felt “Ford had been singled out by the Planning and Zoning Commission.”  
    My question was directed specifically to Mayor West as to why the Ford property request for re-zoning had required a second hearing, and I asked Mayor West for the specific statute which governed in this instance.

  • Letter to the editor: Webster's presence will be missed

    On behalf of Phyllis Webster, you will never meet such a wonderful and caring woman, who will go out of her way to help someone. Most people get out of the way so they don’t have to help someone, not even family.
    Not Phyllis Webster, she does it all, then some. It was a heartbreak for her to retire. Phyllis has not gone far, she will always be in our hearts and for some of us, Phyllis Webster became family. God bless you, Phyllis.

  • Letter to the Editor: Pumpkins to be showcased at farmer’s market

    The Owen County Farmers’ Market has plans for a great pumpkin contest this fall. So that means the time to plant your entry is now.
    Pumpkins will be weighed at the last farmers’ market in October if enough interest in shown. Family activities will be staged at various locations, three out in the county on the four Saturdays in October.
    Information may be obtained at the farmers’ market by calling Beverly Miller at the Eden Dream Foundation at (859) 242-9772.

    Beverly Miller

  • Letter to the editor: Honor our history on Flag Day

    On June 2, I attended the War of 1812 celebration at the Owen County History Museum and heard retired Gen. Carl Black tell the story of the flag at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Md. during the British bombardment of Sept. 16, 1814.
    Francis Scott Key witnessed the battle from a British ship while on board to negotiate the release of one of his friends, a prisoner of England. He kept looking to see if the American flag was still waving.

  • Letter to the editor: Ford property could benefit community

    It is the “eleventh” hour and the destiny of the Ford house across the street from the Owenton United Methodist Church is in the hands of the city and zoning commission. They will meet Thursday, June 14, at 6 p.m. at city hall.
    (Editor’ note: the planning and zoning commission meeting scheduled for Thursday has been rescheduled for June 25 at 6 p.m.
    They will hear comments from anyone to change zoning from residential to commercial. They will make a recommendation to the city council who will have the final vote.

  • Letter to the editor: Summer reading kicks off so share a book and earn a fair ticket

    At the Owen County Public Library, we are dreaming big.
    Join us every Wednesday in the month of June for fantastic, dream-themed programming at either 10:30 a.m. or 2 p.m.
    Last year over 300 Owen countians participated in our programs. We hope to beat that number this year. Programming locations will vary this summer and will include the extension building, the high school auditorium and the middle achool multi-purpose room, so check our web site or ask a librarian for more details.

  • Letter to the editor: Hunger doesn’t end with school year

    We would like to give a big thank you to the community for their support of the Caring Hearts Power Pack Program for the2011-2012 school year.  The program was a success with approximately 375 students receiving food for the weekends.  The program is run entirely on donations and grants, and we are blessed to say that it was fully funded this past year.  Without your support this would not have been possible, Thank you.