• Letter to the editor: Party’s platform doesn’t reflect Owen County

    When making decisions as to which candidate will best serve us in political office, it is always wise to know his/her position on  important issues.

  • Letter to the editor: Former governor supports Crupper Hammons

    It was my honor and privilege to have served the citizens of this Commonwealth for some four decades; most recently as your U.S. Senator.
    I am proud to support the candidacy of Wanda Crupper Hammons for state representative in the 61st District. I have been acquainted with the Crupper family throughout my time in public service. Wanda has learned service from some good people. There are none better than Clay and Mary Crupper.

  • Letter to the editor: Wake up, pray up and get up to vote

    It was so encouraging to see the Rev. Billy Graham’s full page ad in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today this weekend. He will turn 94 on Nov. 7 and considers this election, “One of the most critical elections of his lifetime.” He encouraged all Americans to vote for candidates who support the Biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman, protect the unborn and the sanctity of life and defend our religious freedoms.

  • Letter to the editor: Parks and Rec. says thanks for great season

    Thanks to all the children that played and participated in the baseball/softball season this past summer within the park and recreation program.
    Thanks to the parents that gave of their time to help their child have a great experience and to tall of those whom gave of their time to coach or assist a coach or team.
    Thanks to the volunteers that worked on the fields to help have them ready for play and that helped along the way to insure the kids had a safe field to play on.

  • Letter to the editor: NRA endorsement claim is misleading

    Shame on you Wanda Crupper Hammons:

  • Letter to the editor: Crupper Hammons will faithfully serve the people

    I have served in the public arena for more than three decades, most recently as State Auditor, and I am proud to support Wanda Crupper Hammons for state representative in the 61st District.
    Wanda has lived her life in public service and is following in the footsteps of her father, the well respected former state legislator, Clay Crupper.  As a professional EMT, Wanda has proven her commitment to serving the public with diligence and integrity.

  • Letter to the editor: Can we survive a second term?

    Did you know President Obama was the:
    • First president to demand the name Jesus be covered before he would speak at a Catholic university.
    • First at a UN world conference to say, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
    • First to say, “Let Israel defend herself by herself.”
    • First president refusing to provide the Congressional Intelligence Committee with documents revealing names and extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration unto U.S. government.

  • Letter to the editor: Hammons cares about Owen countians

    I’m writing this letter in support for Wanda Crupper Hammons for state representative. My husband, Johnny Stewart, and I met Wanda and her husband Dewayne while campaigning during the Owen County fair this summer. We had never met Wanda so I asked her several questions regarding politics and problems with our economy, etc. As we chatted with each other I mentioned to her that my father was very ill and had been transported to the hospital, cutting our conversation short.

  • Letter to the editor: We need God back in the White House

    We as a country and a county need to get back with God and our Lord and savior. You always see and hear, “God bless America.” If you look around you he did back through the years. We have fallen away from him. He hasn’t fallen away from us.
    We Christians have let things creep upon us like a frog in warm water that sits there and is boiled before it knows about it and it’s too late.
    Prayer out of school, same-sex marriage, no Ten Commandments when or where we want them. abortion, (5there are) lots of sin in our world, all around us.

  • Letter to the editor: Students looking for old Owen pictures

    We are members of Mrs. Inman’s Owen County Elementary School Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) group. Our group is currently working on a project that uses technology to capture Owen County from the past to the present.
    We wanted to get our community involved in our project. If anyone has any information or copies of pictures on Owen County from 1819 through the 1900s, we would be very thankful. Also, if possible, we would like a picture of Col. Abraham Owen, the man from which Owen County was named.