Guest Editorials

  • Guest Columnist Damon Thayer: Pension reform protects present and future

    Tuesday, the Senate went back in to session for the second part of the 2013 General Assembly session.

  • Like a kiss, you can’t do it alone

    John Cheeves said, “I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss, you can’t do it alone.”  Life teaches us that we can’t accomplish important tasks by ourselves.  The same can be said for barn murals. Certainly, without the dedication and cooperation of many folks, we would not have been able to complete four barn murals along the Agricultural Heritage Trail in less than three years.

  • Help stop summer learning loss

  • Testing facelift: What parents can expect as testing begins

    Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? That short span of time where students are provided the opportunity to demonstrate what they know and are able to do based on their educational experience this past school year. I’m sure by now you are aware that your child will be participating in the state assessment.
    That’s right, it’s testing time again in the Bluegrass. The state test has changed considerably from what your child has been experiencing in the past. I’d like to devote this column to making you aware of those changes and why they took place.

  • Leadership Owen County 2012: Opening retreat

    By Danny Osborne
    Director of Instructional Support Services of Owen County Schools
    David Raleigh
    Superintendent of Owen County Schools
    Not originally being from Owen County, we were very excited about the opportunity to participate in Leadership Owen County. We viewed this as our opportunity to learn more about the rich heritage and tradition of our county while at the same time working with other Owen County leaders with a passion for continuous growth and improvement of our beautiful county.

  • Guest Column: Annual tournament honors Satterwhite’s legacy

    We are proud to announce that we have set a date for our 12th annual Charlie Satterwhite Memorial Golf Shamble.  This year’s tournament will take place on Saturday, March 31st at Fairway Golf Course in Wheatley.  Your participation over these past eleven years has been greatly appreciated.  Your efforts have allowed us to raise over $110,000 for our two charitable organizations.

  • Letter to the editor: Santa is pure in spirit to all

    Santa has been the most important person in my life, at least for November and December, for as long as can remember.
    Sad to say, but our world is full of sadness, crime, political problems, a bad economy, and illnesses top today’s news. 
    Santa is the only guy we can count on a couple of months out of the year to bring a surprise and reward for personally doing a good job! 
    Santa’s job is to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.

  • County Clerk's Corner: New year brings changes, new options

    Now, as the election is over and the holidays approach, I want to focus on public awareness of the office scheduled closings due to the computer system outages statewide. The office will be closed Dec. 23, 24 and 26 for Christmas holiday and Dec. 30, 31 and Jan 2 for New Year’s holiday.

  • Special mute button not included

    If I could change one thing about my husband, it would be to end his incessant control of the TV remote. No one but the Lord himself could understand the logic behind watching a good movie and then watch your husband use the remote to channel-hop during each commercial break to see what else is on.

  • No cease fire in the battle of the bulge

    Guest columnist - Nancy Gaston

    Everyone knows that eating three to five servings of vegetables each day is necessary for good health. Howver, what if you’re like me and hate most of the vegetable kingdom? Would it be acceptable to count hash browns and French-fried potatoes as part of that daily vegetable requirement? On the other hand, is it necessary to adorn my cheese-crust-filled frozen pizza with thin slices of carrots and celery?