Today's News

  • Owen County among lowest jobless rates in Kentucky

    Unemployment rates fell in 99 Kentucky counties between November 2011 and November 2012, while 20 county rates increased and one stayed the same, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training.
    Woodford County recorded the lowest jobless rate in state at 5.4 percent, according to a state news release. It was followed by Scott County, 5.9 percent; Fayette, Franklin, Oldham and Union counties, 6 percent each; Daviess, Madison and Shelby counties, 6.2 percent each; and Ohio and Owen counties, 6.3 percent each.

  • Shooting chatter leads to charges for pair of Owen County students

    Disorderly conduct charges were issued against two Owen County High School students after one student alarmed others by saying an intruder was in the building.
    According to a press release from Kentucky State Police, a second student made comments that everyone in the school was in danger.
    Neither student made direct threats or had information about known threats.
    Both students are 15 years old and were cited after making comments for the purpose of creating public alarm.

  • I’m just saying ... A few thoughts as 2012 wraps up and 2013 arrives

    I’m great at making New Year’s resolutions.
    I stink at keeping New Year’s resolutions.
    Almost every year, I publicly proclaim that I will do this or that or stop doing that thing I shouldn’t be doing in the first place.
    And each year, it seems like I make a long list of resolutions just to watch them fall by the wayside either by apathy, personal weakness or my unyielding opposition to change.
    Of the six resolutions I made last year, I managed to keep three of them.

  • Owen Historical Society News: Hunting was part of youth

  • Owen District Court: Dec. 21, 2012

    Clarence A. Fagan, 1985, non-payment of fines, paid in full by jail credit.
    Joseph L. Frasure, 1970, non-payment of fines, owes $50 total.
    Micah J. Lawson, 1983, second-degree burglary, probable cause to transfer to grand jury; receiving stolen property under $10,000, probable cause to transfer to grand jury.
    Darrel G. Ligon, 1989, contempt of court, $100 cash bond.
    Roy Miller, 1978, flagrant non-support, pleaded not guilty, preliminary hearing set for Jan. 4; three counts of contempt of court.
    Randall J. Raines, 1991, non-payment of fines.

  • Owen Circuit Court: Dec. 18, 2012

    Joann (Blackmore) Adam, 1974, show cause deferred, owes $23,454.94 total, to pay $100 a month, continued to March 12.
    Eric C. Bassham, 1985, show cause deferred, owes $875 total, to pay $50 a month, remand.
    Nora Charlene Bishop, 1965, show cause deferred, owes $5,999.66, to pay $200 a month, bench warrant set for $6,000.
    Brittany Nicole Bitzer, 1989, probation revocation hearing, motion to revoke probation continued from Nov. 20, also owes $1,263.13 in fines and costs,

  • Helping Project Graduation

    Modern Woodmen of America representative Keith Miller presents a check to Patricia Neal for Owen County High School Project Graduation. The check represents proceeds raised by project graduation’s chili dinner on Dec. 2. Modern Woodmen matched $2,250 for a total check amount of $4,500.

  • Weekend Gardener: Trunk damage can girdle trees

    The farm looks like a storm hit recently but it’s really just my husband’s new deer deterrent technique.  It seems to be working.  In the past we have forgone the Irish Spring soap, human hair and coyote urine for more reliable barriers.  Tomato cages, tobacco stakes, wire, spiral plastic trunk wrap, and, yes, an occasional arrangement of lawn chairs have created distance between rutting and browsing deer.  

  • Honoring graduation

    Cortney Elizabeth Miller celebrated her home school graduation in May. Her pastor, Bro. Ed Wells, spoke on Cortney’s dedication and service to God. Jesse and Rebecca Pugh sang two songs and Dr. Joy Arnold spoke on Cortney’s Christian home school education and then presented her with her diploma.  There were 104 of Cortney’s family and friends there to celebrate this accomplishment and milestone in her life.  Cortney is attending Empire Beauty School in Florence and pursuing a career in cosmetology.

  • Kay’s Branch News: Holidays bring lots of news

    Happy New Year!
    I guess that’s still appropriate. Things go so fast now I should be mentioning Ground Hog Day.
    I hope your Christmas was as good as mine. Everyone was healthy and got to my house on Christmas morning and everyone meaning all my children and their spouses, my granddaughters and their husbands and the four great-grandchildren.