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  • County employees may receive 2 percent pay raise

    With the 2018-19 budget deadline looming over the Owen County Fiscal Court, good news may be in store for county employees in the way of a 2 percent raise.
    The Court held a first reading of the nearly $6.35 million budget at its May 23 meeting. The budget must be given a second reading and approved no later than June 30, and will be in effect from July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019.

  • Former First Lady portrayed at recent NSDAR meeting in Warsaw

    The John Guill-Polly Hawkins Craig Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) met May 23, at the Hawkins-Kirby House in Warsaw. The program was “Lunch at the Whitehouse with Caroline Harrison.” Bonnie Strassell, local storyteller, acted the part of Caroline Harrison.

  • Trees, rocks served as boundaries in early deeds

    Early pioneers in Kentucky claimed land by “tomahawk rights.”  These rights were acquired by deadening a few trees near a spring and making one’s mark, name or initials in the bark. This practice was also accompanied by cabin and corn claims. As a result of building a cabin or planting a crop of corn upon a section of land, a person was acknowledged as its owner.

  • Owen District Court | June 8, 2018

    Owen District Court
    June 8, 2018

    Lee T. Lawson, 1987, flagrant non-support, contempt of court, bonded out, continued to June 15.
    Carrie Means, 1984, speeding 13 mph over the limit, possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle, operating on a suspended or revoked operator’s license, continued to July 20.
    Jamie M. Thornton, 1977, flagrant non-support, two counts of contempt of court, continued to June 15.
    Tierra Linda Apartments vs. Bryant Bates, motion to transfer, see order.

  • May 2018 Property Transfers

    Lee Anne Ryan to Lee Anne Ryan Trustee, Ryans Field Trust dated March 14, 2018, land in Owen and Grant counties.
    James Lester Payne Sr. Estate, James Lester Payne Estate, James L. Payne Estate and Lisa Payne Executor to James Thomas and Linda Carolyn Johnson, land in Owen County, $50,000.
    Paul Douglas Smoot, Paul D. Smoot and Valerie Smoot to Central Kentucky Timber and Logs LLC, two tracts of land in Owen, $325,000.
    MMA Holdings LLC vs. Michael Scott Copley and Hannah Beth McEndre, land in Owen County, $108,500.

  • Kay's Branch News | Farmers take advantage of last week's dry days

    It’s overcast this morning after a week or so of sunshine. During that week all the farmers around here got their hay cut, dried, raked and baled. That is almost a miracle. It only happens about one year out of every six in this part of Kentucky.
    Wanda said she raked hay for Ray all day Wednesday. She said this was the first time she had attempted this chore, but she got it done while Ray came behind her and baled. They got it all into the barn on Friday. I drove into Owenton late last week, and everybody along the road was doing the same job.  

  • Is a matching 401k plan better than a company pension?

    BY RANDY BEHYMER | Wealth Management

  • Honor the flag on Flag Day and every day

    BY PEGGY TRINKLE | Regent, John-Guill Polly Hawkins Craig Chapter NSDAR

  • 5 bits of wisdom to the graduating class of 2018

    The year I graduated high school just happened to coincide with the emergence of a particular brood of cicadas. I had longed for a party in my parents' side yard under a towering ash tree to celebrate my entrance into adulthood. Sadly, the foul odor of dead cicadas canvassing our yard crushed my dreams. All summer long, buzzards swooped down into our yard to feast on the cicadas, and not too long after that, the once-beautiful ash tree became victim to the ash borer beetle.

  • MEET THE CANDIDATES: Owen County Sheriff's Democratic primary race

    Age: 49
    Occupation: Police officer
    Education: Currently working to complete an associate’s degree in criminal justice; 18-week academy at EKU and 40 hours of additional training each year
    Immediate family: Sebastian Alcorn, son; Taryn Alcorn, daughter
    Previous elected offices held: None