Today's News

  • Despite heat, Branch residents enjoy memorable fireworks show

    The Fourth of July was the hottest day of the year so far. My thermometer at the front of the house read 91 degrees at noon, and the sun had already moved to the back of the house. I spent the day inside under the air conditioner. Dobbs and I watched the Fourth of July spectacular on KET.

  • Planting By the Signs: 'Dog Days' of summer continue through Aug. 11

    This week and beyond: Dark moon for below-ground producers is in force until new (light) moon at 10:48 p.m., Thursday. The light moon will rule until the full (dark) moon returns July 27. Check signs before planting.
    Signs: Today and Thursday, outstanding; Friday and Saturday, no planting, killing sign; July 15-18, flowering signs; July 19-21, outstanding for above-ground producers.
    Dog Days are here

  • Worst case scenario: Husband prepares for his wife to come back home

    By Roger Alford

    I sometimes wonder if I’m just too easily amused, but I got a big kick out of the old joke about a fellow who showed up for work visibly upset.

    His coworkers gathered around and asked what was wrong.

    “My wife has been missing for about a month, and the detective working the case came by the house this morning and told me something that hit me like a ton of bricks.

    “He said my wife has been missing long enough that I may want to prepare for the worst.”

  • Grace Notes: The trouble with cookies and other stuff

    When I was a kid, my grandmother on my father’s side owned a bakery.

    Whenever we’d visit her we would come home with huge pink bakery boxes filled with assorted butter cookies, plus bags of bagels and loaves of bread and the best cinnamon rolls and bear claws you could ever eat.

    Fun fact: My dad used to say that when Uncle Benny swept the floor at night, whatever he swept up was what he put on the bear claws as toppings.

    I’m pretty sure he was joking, or else he wanted to gross us out so he could eat all the bear claws. 

  • Church News | June 20, 2018

    Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

    Jerry Ellis sang, “Higher Ground” Sunday morning. Happy birthday to Terry Burke! Please pray for Tony Collins, Larry and Phyllis Adkins, Wayne & Ginny Smither, Sue Sipple, our military, police and first responders, our president and leaders, peace in Jerusalem and Korea and our great country.

    Tonight (Wed.) at church from 6 to 6:45, Felecia Collins and family will receive friends to honor her mother, Janet Smoot. The memorial will start at 6:45 p.m. with a balloon release and fellowship meal at 7 p.m.

  • At the Library | June 20, 2018

    Get your camera out and take some photos of what makes Owen County a great place in which to live! The Owen County Library is sponsoring its Second Annual Photography Contest.

    Rules and requirements can be found on our website, Facebook page and at the library. Prizes will be awarded for adults and children. Submissions accepted until July 13.


    Next week is the last week of Summer Reading. Keep reading and submit those journals by June 30 to earn Fair tickets for all children who participate. Reading Rocks!


  • Local teens attend 4-H Conference
  • Community news: Genealogy group to meet at historical society museum

    First Baptist Church invites children to VBS

    “Shipwrecked VBS” will be hosted at First Baptist Church until June 22. Shipwrecked is for kids from 4 years old through sixth trade (based on grade just completed) and will run from 9 a.m.-noon, each day. For more information or if you need the van to pick you up, call 502-484-2430.

    ‘Moose On the Loose’ at Cedar Hill

  • BONNIE STRASSELL: Death of Kentucky’s first historian shrouded in mystery

    It is a mystery that has remained unsolved for 230 years. Was it a crime committed by an Indian who acted alone or was it an accident?

    The mysterious death in 1788 of Kentucky’s first historian, John Filson, was the subject of the historical society program last week.

    Jason French, curator of collections at the Beringher-Crawford Museum in Covington, presented several possible scenarios for Filson’s death; leaving final conclusions to his captivated audience.

  • Who is it? | June 20, 2018