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  • God bless the neighbor lady, my evil twin and alter ego

    It’s been a while since my neighbor lady has wreaked havoc on my life.
    However, this past week she made up for lost time.
    To bring you up to speed on who my neighbor lady is: She’s my evil twin, my alter ego, an overbearing, intrusive buttinsky mother who has trouble remembering that once the umbilical cord is cut moments after birth, it should not and cannot ever be reattached and it is futile and foolish to even try — although she’s been trying for more than 40 years.

  • It stands to reason that unused brains cost more

    By Roger Alford

  • Owen County High School announces honor roll for second nine weeks

    Ninth-Grade Super Honor Roll

    Trinity Craig Allnutt, Jorden May, Destiny Prather, Shelby Sams, Greg Webster and Samantha Woodyard

    Ninth-Grade Honor Roll

    Cody Anderson, Allison Bourne, Mercedes Bourne, Austin Caldwell, Josiah Cobb, Meredith David, Madison Duvall, Addison Gibson, Mallory Hardesty, Charles Herndon, Carsyn Inman, Emma Johnson, Raegan Malo, David Marcincavage, Briona Puckett, Ellie Shera, Nicki Smith and Maddigan Walker

    10th Grade Super Honor Roll

  • Bluegrass Antler Dogs hosts North American Shed Hunting Dog Double Qualifier

    Thirty-two dogs and their handlers braved the snow and cold Saturday for a chance to become the North American Shed Hunting Dog (NASHDA) top antler (shed) hunting dog in the region.
    The Bluegrass Antler Dog Club hosted the NASHDA Double Qualifier event on Point of Rock Road in Monterey. The event drew 32 dogs and their handlers from seven states.
    Club president John Ballard, who, along with his wife Alexandra, started the local chapter six months ago, said he was pleased with Saturday’s turnout.

  • At the Library | January 17, 2018

    Age Reversing Workout

    Follow a beginner’s DVD to boost your energy. This gentle workout is designed to improve posture and increase mobility. It repeats at 11 a.m., every Wednesday morning through January.

    Lego Challenge

    Choose your challenge card and see what you can make with Legos. Fun for all ages from 3:15-4:30 p.m., today (Wednesday).


  • Owen District Court | January 17, 2018

    Wesley W. Calmes, 1986, probation violation, appointed public defender, hearing set for Jan. 23.
    James Aaron Clark, 1981, three counts of third-degree arson, continued report set for Jan. 23.
    Lawrence Colston, 1988, probation violation, continued to Jan. 23.
    Roderick Deitz, 1979, second-degree assault, continued on Jan. 23.
    Miranda Dews, 1972, failure o report change in order to receive benefits, remand, continued on Feb. 6.

  • December Property Transfers

    Sally A. Douglas to Edward A. Heitzman Jr. and Olivia M. Heitzman, two tracts of land in Owen County, $30,000.
    Ronald W. Frederick, Renee P. Frederick, Martha Ann Frederick and Clauid Frederick to Martha Ann. Frederick and Claud Frederick, lots 1 and 3 in block h, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
    James Lester Payne Sr. Estate, James Lester Payne Estate and James L. Payne Estate to Matthew S. Parker and Mandy Carol Parker, two tracts of land in Owen County, $389,418.75.
    Letha Young to William E. Young Jr., land in Owen County.

  • Looking Back | January 17, 2018

    January 16,2013
    5 years ago

    County wants drivers to know the limit

  • History of local churches creates a link to the past

    The spiritual fervor and religious enthusiasm on the early American frontier profoundly influenced our nation. Coming out of the Revolutionary War, the American people also revolted against the traditional Anglican church of England, and Methodist and Baptist itinerant evangelists offered a grass-roots Christianity that appealed to the everyday folks settling in the backwoods of Kentucky.

  • Who is it? | January 17, 2018