Today's News

  • Owen County Youth Soccer League results

    Sept. 22
    Orange Crush – 5 vs. HotShots – 0
    Orange Crush was led once again by Brady Kemper and Ashton Moore, each scoring two goals. Avery Miller also added a goal for Orange Crush. Anna Riddle, Kailyn Duncan and Kaileigh Grider worked well together and took shots on goal but could not connect.
    James Grider and Jackson Swigert stopped many runs by the HotShots while playing defense for Orange Crush. Kemper, Moore, Miller and Riddle all shared goalie duties and held the HotShots scoreless.

  • Council corrects salary mistake

    After nearly two years and a change in the city administration, pay increases for the Owenton City Council and mayor have finally been properly approved.
    The council approved the mayor’s salary to be raised in 2010 from $8,500 a year to $12,000 a year. The council’s salaries were raised from $2,400 to $5,400 a year. at the same time.
    The raises took place under then-mayor David “Milkweed” Wotier by a motion and a second.

  • City working to spur new business, mayor says

    In his state of the city address Sept. 13, Owenton Mayor Doug West said the one thing the city desperately needs is more businesses.
    West gave his yearly address to members of the Owen County Chamber of Commerce during its monthly meeting.
    Since taking office in 2011, West said he and the Owenton City Council have worked hard to give new businesses an opportunity to make it in a tough economy.
    Earlier this year, the council approved for forgiving property taxes for new businesses in their first three years of operation.

  • Monterey residents prepare for the fair Oct. 6

    There may be a parade, cake walks, and a cornhole tournament, but for Colleen Thomas and many of the 20 other volunteers who are working hard to organize this year’s Monetery Fair and Homecoming, it’s all about the people.
    “We wanna keep that name homecoming in there,” Thomas said. “That’s really what it’s all about - getting to see all the people who have come back.”
    It’s that strong sense of community that Thomas and the other volunteers want to promote.

  • Crossbow incident claims life of hunter

    A woman died Sunday after an apparent accidental shooting with a crossbow. 
    According to Kentucky State Police, Yvetta Reffitt, 59, of Martin, was hunting on a farm in Owen County when the incident occurred. 
    Reffitt had been dropped off to hunt by herself at 6:45 a.m.
    When Reffitt did not return for lunch, members of her hunting group began looking for her and found her at approximately 11:30 a.m. 

  • Election deadlines near

    If you will be out of town on Election Day you can now come in and absentee vote on the absentee voting machine in the Owen County Clerk’s Office. If you are not able to stand in long lines, due to age or disability you can apply for an absentee paper ballot and have the ballot mailed to you. The paper Ballot applications must be back in the clerk’s office by 4 p.m. Oct. 30.
    The last day to register to vote is Oct. 9 to be eligible to vote in the November general election.

  • Owen Historical Society News: The past lives on in our cemeteries

    When a pen meets history, the past bursts into life. This explosion is created by an author who draws from a multitude of sources. I would like to thank all those whose knowledge of Owen County history and its families make possible my weekly column in the News-Herald. Their contributions serve to keep our heritage alive, and history is recorded once again.

  • Georgia – On her mind: Deciphering modern Morse

    I’m learning the Morse Code. I got the idea from a movie I saw this summer. In one of those light-bulb-flashing-over-my-head moments, I realized this could bridge the communication gap between my young adult children and me. They only communicate by texting now, and with my clumsy old thumbs and last century spelling, I’m left out of the conversation. Re-invent the telegraph, I say, with its finger friendly dashes and dots in plain old English!

  • Monterey Matters: Town coming together for fair

    A very good friend of mine from Frankfort - Jana Moore - has been asking me for weeks to come up and go to church with her and her family at North Frankfort Baptist Church.
    She had also called another friend of ours Laurie to come join us too.
    Laurie and I finally had made plans to go. This same weekend, Evelyn also called to see if I would come go to church with her at Old Cedar.
    I ended up having Evelyn to join us and we all ended up meeting up with Jana a few weeks ago.
    It was a very nice church and we really enjoyed it.

  • Owen County District Court - Sept. 21, 2012

    Ricky Helton, 1977, manufacturing methamphetamine, preliminary hearing set for Sept. 28.
    Demitrius Paliobagis, second-degree burglary, receiving stolen property under $10,000, probable cause established, transferred to grand jury, continued to Oct. 9.
    Robert Parker, 1986, flagrant non-support, two counts of contempt of court, pleaded not guilty, preliminary hearing set for Sept. 28.
    Joe Ponder, 1973, first-degree narcotics, pleaded not guilty, preliminary hearing set for Sept. 28.