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  • City limits grow

    A final reading on five ordinances that will annex several roads into the City of Owenton was given May 7 and approved by the Owenton City Council.
    The council held a first round of readings on the ordinances that gave the state, which is considered the property owner, 60 days to oppose the move.
    No objection was raised and the city became free to adopt the measure following the second round of readings.

  • Suffering for their art
  • Rookie and veteran look back at landmark session

    A rookie and a veteran of the Kentucky General Assembly looked back at this year’s regular session.
    At a meeting of the Owen County Chamber of Commerce Thursday, State Rep. Brian Linder, R-Dry Ridge, and State Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, reflected on a session that will be memorable for each man.
    Linder was entering his first year in the Kentucky House of Representatives after succeeding long-time Owen County representative Royce Adams, D-Dry Ridge, while Thayer became majority floor leader in the Kentucky State Senate.

  • Owen Co. man found guilty of cooking meth

    An Owen County man is expected to be sentenced in Owen County Circuit Court next month after he was found guilty of multiple drug charges May 1.
    James R. Thomas, 53, was found guilty of manufacturing methamphetamine; possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine; possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of marijuana; and first-degree persistent felony offender.
    According to court documents, Thomas was ordered to vacate the home he shared with his wife Brenda Thomas at 1675 Hwy. 35 on April 20 by Owen County District Court Judge Thomas Funk.

  • Owen County Farmers' Market returns


  • Owen grand jury returns indictments

    A fourth person was indicted May 7 on a drug trafficking charge following arrests made by the Owenton City Police last month.
    The arrests were part of a three-month investigation into illegal drug dealers and took place on April 17.
    Linda Oakley Taylor, 61, was indicted on the charge of second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, hydrocodone.
    The arrests were part of a continued effort to clamp down on illegal drug dealers within the City of Owenton.

  • Owen Historical Society News: Happy Orville Rogers Day

    They stood side by side in a long row. Many looked similar but each carried features that were unique. Several were over 100-years-old, and yet their appearance was as vibrant as the younger ones.
    Although today they have been replaced by advanced technology, their stories remain and are engrafted into history.
    In the 1800s, men from several different countries were working on an invention to transmit the sound of the voice over wire.
    The gentleman credited as the inventor of the first practical telephone was Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell. 

  • Travel safe and smart this summer

    Summer is upon us, and for many, the season means at least one family vacation or weekend getaway.  According to a 2011 TripAdvisor survey, 90 percent of Americans were planning to take two or more leisure trips within the next year and 24 percent were planning five or more trips.  Of those surveyed, 79 percent said they plan to spend at least $3,000 on these vacations.  As you start planning your next vacation, you can take precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your finances safe when you travel.

  • Owen County Circuit Court: May 7, 2013

    Joseph B. Barnes, 1988, show cause hearing, owes $3,650 restitution and $1,127.50 fees and costs, see file.
    Brittany Nicole Bitzer, 1989, shock probation in felony convictions, motion for shock probation, submitted.
    Jessica N. Boyce, 1979, show cause hearing, owes $315 in fines and fees, continued to May 21.
    Miranda Dews, 1972, show cause hearing, owes $8,192.84 in restitution, fees and costs, bench warrant set for $8,200.
    Russell Cody Dunn, 1989, diversion completion, dismissed.

  • Owen County District Court - May 17, 2013

    Norman Bruce, 1994, manufacturing methamphetamine, preliminary hearing set for May 24.
    William Kelley, 1989, manufacturing methamphetamine, preliminary hearing set for May 24.
    Suzanne Woosley, 1986, manufacturing methamphetamine, preliminary hearing set for May 24.
    Dayna M. Hughes, 1964, alcohol intoxication in a public place, fourth-degree assault, fourth-degree assault, resisting arrest, continued to May 24, bond set for $2,500 cash.
    Owen Fiscal Court vs. Betty J. Barry, motion for default judgment, see order.