Local News

  • With election over, officials look to future

    After the excitement of election night, the Owenton City Council and the Owen County School Board set their priorities for the next year.

    Mayor David “Milkweed” Wotier said he is happy that five incumbents were re-elected. He is also looking forward to working with Rita Osborne, a new face to the city council.

    “I am confident we can work together for the betterment of the city,” he said.

  • New disc golf course opens on Owen schools campus

    Owen County High School has recently developed a new recreational disc golf course that’s not only for student use, but public use as well.

    Disc golf is played with a disc, similar to a Frisbee, but heavier. Each individual attempts to throw a disc into a basket or a target. Whoever gets their disc in the basket with the least amount of throws is the winner.

  • Council to tackle messy Owenton properties

    The Owenton City Council has agreed to look into its nuisance policies after receiveing several complaints.

    Four of the six city councilmen presented comments concerning complaints they had been receiving about everything from junk cars to trash in the yards of Owenton residents.

    Councilman Joshua Willoughby said not only had he been receiving complaints, but people were bringing him pictures of different properties they felt needed to be cleaned up.

    Mayor David “Milkweed” Wotier also showed concern.

  • More than just an apple a day

    For the past 25 years, Larry Ayres spent every day walking among his apple trees. With hard work and determination, the Ayres family has become a local icon of entrepreneurship.

    The Ayres Family Orchard started in 1983, when Ayres and his wife, Sherry, took a leap of faith and planted 1,400 apple trees on his 40-acre Owen County farm.

  • And the local winners are ...


    John McCain

    2,969 votes

    Barack Obama

    1,694 votes


    Mitch McConnell

    2,683 votes

    Bruce Lunsford

    2,019 votes


    Geoff Davis

    2,843 votes

    Michael Kelley

    1,720 votes


    Damon Thayer

    2,815 votes

    Robert Powell

    1,692 votes

    Micah Ingram

    97 votes


    Royce W. Adams

    2,975 votes

    Stephen Wood

  • Owen County District Court Oct. 31, 2008

    Angela M. Blackwell, 1971, regulations necessary to implement KRS 150 purpose, pleaded guilty, continued to Nov. 14.

    Russell W. Echaves, 1966, no operator’s license, failure of owner to maintain required insurance, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, first-degree possession of unspecified controlled substance or drug, speeding 11 mph over the limit, transferred to grand jury, $10,000 cash bond set.

    Lynn Hatfield, 1970, first-degree possession of cocaine, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, transfered to grand jury, continued to Nov. 14.

  • Strong turnout in Owen

    Voting precincts were swarmed with voters as Owen County chose its leaders.

    The Owenton voters as requested a change as Robert “Casey” Ellis, Bobby Walker, Rita Osborne, and Larry Dale Perry were elected to the Owenton City Council.

    The Owen County School Board will be Brian Young, Stuart Bowling, and Magaret Forsee,

    In the state elections, Owen County voted for Damon Thayer for the Kentucky Senate and Royce Adams for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

  • Board selects site for new judicial center

    After months of negotiation, the Project Development Board announced the new Owen County Judicial Center will be built on five acres owned by the Ford family trust.

    The land is on Hwy. 127, one-tenth of a mile south from the current courthouse. The property is mostly farm land and will not require high demolition costs.

    Owen County Judge-executive Billy O’Banion, the only member of the fiscal court to vote against the proposal, said he wanted to keep the judicial center as close to downtown as possible.

  • Clerk expects strong voter turnout in Owen County

    It looks like more Owen countians could be casting ballots this year than the last presidential election.

    Back when there were nine days left before the absentee ballot deadline, 198 Owen countians had already cast ballots.

    For the November 2004 election, 285 Owen County residents voted absentee. Owen County Clerk Joan Kincaid said there is usually a flurry close to the deadline and expects the total number of absentee ballots cast to exceed the previous presidential election total.

  • Architects present several different versions of new middle school

    The new Owen County Middle School is one step closer to becoming a reality.

    Ron Murall Architects presented the Owen County Board of Education with four plans in an attempt to balance the administration’s wish list and the hard realities of the budget.

    Each plan highlights one of four alternate features that will be built only if the budget allows. The options are two flex classrooms, an auditorium, a rooftop courtyard and extra locker rooms.