Photo courtesy of Katie Gibson
Born with Cerebral palsy, James T. “Jim” Gibson, above, defied all odds at a young age, gaining strength by learning to ride horses and later taking over the chores on his family’s farm just outside of New Liberty. Gibson died Aug. 22, 2019. His widow, Katie Gibson, believes his story of unwavering determination could be an inspiration for those struggling with their own illness or condition.
Remembering Jim

When the going gets tough, only those with true grit survive.

To those who knew him best, James T. “Jim” Gibson epitomized true grit.

Born Aug. 27, 1941, Jim wasn’t expected to live through the night. Though the attending physician, Dr. George Purdy, was unsure of the diagnosis at the time, Jim was later identified as a victim of Cerebral palsy.

His mother, Sue Bennie, had experienced a difficult labor that is thought to have attributed to his condition.


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