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  • Recently, I listened to an eight-episode podcast (like an internet radio show) called “Oh Dear God.”
    Done by two young, thirtysomething women, they both grew up in the Christian faith.
    Today they like some of Christianity, but not all of it. Same goes for their feelings about the church.
    The women met at camp — they love church camp — and now they’re comedians who live in Los Angeles.

  • Owenton First United Methodist Church

    Bro. Matt’s sermon, “The Shepherd King,” came from Ezekiel 34:11-16 and encouraged us to ask ourselves who we look to for rule: ourselves, others, or Jesus? Prior to the message, Mrs. Mills sang a beautiful special entitled, “Consider the Lilies.”
    Thanks to all those who made our annual Community Thanksgiving Service a success. It was a wonderful time of worship and fellowship.

    Beech Grove Baptist

  • Christmas is coming to Owen County much earlier than expected as trees are decorated and mistletoes are hung. While the majority of Owen County focuses on gift giving and house decorating, a select few are planning something much bigger.
    Starting after Santa’s appearance at the Owen County Christmas Parade on Sunday Owen countians can visit Mayberry while continuing their Christmas spirit.
    Led by Grant County High School choir and music teacher Faith Clifton, A Mayberry Christmas will be performed a handful of times to multiple sold-out crowds.

  • We live in a time when Thanksgiving Day finds many families waiting in long lines at a restaurant to crowd around a table, and amid the surrounding deafening endeavor to catch up on family news.
    What happened to those Thanksgivings at grandma’s, who considered it a privilege to cook the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for a large extended family? It was a special day set aside for the gathering of family and friends to share turkey, laughter and traditions, and for giving thanks to God for his blessings.

  • By Roger Alford

  • Editor’s note: Nancy Kennedy has been writing an annual psalm of thanksgiving since 1999 when she first started writing her column.

    Dear God,
    Here I am again, my 18th year composing my annual psalm of Thanksgiving, my public declaration of gratitude to you.
    The biblical writers say we should give thanks in all things, in good times and in bad. Even in bad times, you are still good. You are gentle and kind. You do not break a reed that’s been bruised, neither do you crush a spirit that is wounded.

  • Monterey Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

  • Dear Owen County residents,

    We are so glad to be serving here in Owen County again. My dear wife Megan and our children, Landon, Aaron, Aidan, Hannah, and Lily, are worshipping and serving here at New Liberty Baptist Church and we welcome you to worship with us.
    We hope to see many lives changed and souls saved in our ministry here. I was licensed and ordained at Long Ridge Baptist Church and served as pastor for three years at Salem Baptist Church before moving to London, Ky. to serve at Victory Baptist Church for the last four and a half years.

  •  The little girl hunkered down amid the tall grasses and was cautioned by her companion to remain motionless. The child and her friend Ida, a tenant farmer’s wife, had followed the wild hen turkey across the fields along the Kentucky River bottom in Monterey. Ida had taken Margaret Alice Karsner under her wing when Alice’s mother passed away, and on this particular day, the duo was following the hen to her nest.

  • It’s been a slow week for news on the Branch. Wanda said they gathered walnuts this week and laid them out to dry so the husks would come off more easily. She cracks them and freezes the meat to bake with or make candy.