Monterey Matters

  • Monterey Matters: Reuniting with old friends

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
    I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. As you know, I just returned home from Pikeville last Sunday after going to Hillbilly Days.
    Theresa and I came home Easter Sunday from a trip to Roseville, Mich. We went there to visit some long-time friends from Monterey. You may recall reading last year when we meet back up with Tim and Pat Grace. They used to live here in the 70s.

  • Monterey Matters: Spring means time to fix up the house

    After having a few estimates recently on some new vinyl siding, I have decided to just paint my house for now.
    Several people had mentioned this method to me but I was a little skeptical about it.
    This will save me a whole lot of money for other things that I also need right now, like new landscaping and gravel.
    My good friend Shane Powell stopped by last week and asked me why I was even considering vinyl.
    He said he could paint it for now and make it look like brand new and save me some money, too.

  • Monterey Matters: Inspiration is sharing

    Well, the Cats didn’t make it all the way this year, but they surely did an awesome job getting as far as they did. I am still very proud to be a Kentucky Wildcat fan. Better luck next time, guys.

  • Monterey Matters: Passing touches community

    Sadness has hit our community as well as our family once again.
    On Wednesday, March 23, Angie “Tindall” Haydon was called home. Angie was 46 years old, same age as me, and also a whole bunch of other girls that all went to school with her: Troi, Donna, Beth, Ruby, Colleen, Debbie, and Sheila, just to mention a few. In the last eight or so years, this women has been through so much — more than any one person should every have to go through in their lifetime.

  • Monterey Matters: Dancing with Daddy for his birthday wish

  • Hanging out with the ladies of FAUBS

  • Cold weather taking toll on almost everyone

    This weather has been really hard on a lot of people lately. It seems everyone I see seems to be sick or just getting over being sick.
    Daddy hadn’t been feeling well for the last couple of weeks either and finally decided he needed to go the doctor.
    They put him in the hospital right away. He had pneumonia in both lungs. He spent a few days there. Of course, he couldn’t wait to get out so that he can go dancing.

  • Giles was a great member of community

    While shopping at Walmart last Wednesday, I ran into several Monterey folks who I hadn’t seen for some time including Martha Bee and Gary Brock.
    I saw Gary in October at the Monterey Fair, but I can’t tell you the last time I saw Martha Bee. She looked great and it was so nice to see her out and about.
    I also ran into Susie Ballard. We chatted for a minute, too. I was telling her what a great time she missed out on by not joining us for the tubing adventure. I told her that I am looking forward to joining them all again in the future.

  • Day of fun out on the slopes with friends

  • Cards could help solve Roach murder

    Sonda Roach recently contacted me to let me know of a Kentucky State Police initiative — a deck of playing cards featuring 52 unsolved cases.
    She said a detective from Kentucky State Police contacted her along with several other families to let them know that the KSP would soon hold a news conference concerning some unsolved cases throughout Kentucky.
    On Dec. 16, the KSP unveiled playing cards that will be circulated throughout Kentucky’s prisons in an attempt to generate tips in cases of unsolved murders, missing persons and unidentified remains.