Kays Branch News

  • Branch residents take in local events

    I hate getting up before it’s good light. If this were Tuesday, I’d still be in bed, but duty calls.
    Wanda has been busy this week. We both went to Catherine Raisor’s funeral last Monday. Not a good way to start the week. Barbara and Joyce were there. Joyce and Wanda’s uncle Jimmy used to visit her often when she was still at home in Frankfort. She lived close to her uncle, Harold. She had lived a long and sometimes hard life, but she was a wonderful woman and was always ready to help a friend. She will be missed.

  • Following rain, all is well on the Branch

    I jumped the gun last week when Wanda’s news wasn’t on the computer when I got up and turned it on. I hadn’t had my coffee and decided not to call Fay and forget it for the week. So, I did.
    I got a call from her mid-morning asking if I was sick. Fay had called her and told her she hadn’t heard from me. I told her I hadn’t heard from her and just called the paper and told them I was slipping the column that week. She said she had sent her contribution. I told her to send it again and would add it to this week’s column, so here it is.

  • Life seemingly comes to a standstill as the winter blues set in for Branch residents

    The snow is slowly going away, and I hope to get out this morning and go to Frankfort for books and groceries. This “morning” is Friday. I have been in the house so long I am beginning to feel like a hibernating mole. Ann had been by and Teri came to wash on Wednesday this week. They went out and shoveled off the driveway so I could get the van out of the garage if the ice ever thawed off the road. I awoke to a little red car parked in my driveway one day last week. It was there when I got up and gone when I came to the kitchen in the late afternoon.

  • Former Monterey native stars in film

    I am getting a late start this morning. I turned on the TV in the kitchen to see how the storm in Texas was doing and couldn’t tear myself away. It’s like a bad tooth. You know it’s going to hurt, but you keep putting your tongue in it anyway. We are dry as a bone, and the grass is brown. We haven’t had rain in a while and Texas and parts of the Gulf Coast are inundated. The news man said they could get up to 50 inches before this is over. My mind just can’t fathom it, and the rain is not supposed to stop before Wednesday.

  • Branch residents turn out to music event to support ‘old hometown’

    There’s not much news from the Branch this morning. We finally got some rain last week. Wanda said her gauge said seven tenths, but mine only registered about four tenths. She lives about 100 yards down the road and around the curve. That’s the way our rainfall has been going this summer. A hill or a curve makes all the difference in the amount of rain one gets.

  • Peas and Poetry, meteorite shower make for big week on the Branch

    Schools starts today. I haven’t had a child in school since John graduated, I won’t tell you how long ago that has been. My great-grandchildren will be starting school in Frankfort.
    Noel Thomas started his bus route Monday. He is driving some students to classes in Carrollton. Joel will have to start coordinating his deliveries in the late afternoon with the bus run coming home. Kay’s Branch Road is not built for school buses and semis to coexist.

  • ‘World’s Longest Yard Sale’ brings friendly visitor to Kay’s Branch

    The 127 Yard Sale will dominate the news this week but before I get into that, at Church on Sunday, Sue told me she barely got to church because they had driven home from Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night.

  • Branch resident meets new cousins on trip north

    This weather has fried my brain. Wanda had been on vacation, and I have been in the TV room all week sitting with the air conditioner and the ceiling fans, the TV and Dobbs — so I had nothing to write about. I emailed Molly and said there would be no column. I had just turned on the TV when I got a call from Wanda who was driving home to ask if I had gotten her contribution to the column. I came to the kitchen, and sure enough, there was her news, so I emailed Molly again and said there would be a column forthcoming.

  • A little sprucing up on the Branch
  • Saying goodbye to a dear old friend