Kays Branch News

  • ‘Earth home’ aids furry friends too

    We had our first snow on the Branch this week. It was something of a shock after the long stretch of mild weather we have had all fall. It wasn’t much, just enough to make the roads slick. We canceled church because our preacher has to drive from Lexington and Sue has to now drive to Owenton, up the Gratz hill and back to Monterey to get to our church.

  • Thanksgiving dinner provided by Kroger relieves stress for ‘mother’

    I think everybody on the Branch had a great Thanksgiving. We went to John’s this year; just Ann, John, Charity and I. They had already put up their tree and decorated for Christmas. We had a delicious meal, compliments of Kroger. I had announced that “mother” was no longer cooking, so John stepped into the breach and said he would have it at his house. I didn’t know one could buy turkey already cooked and all the side dishes that go with it. You learn something new, even at my age.

  • How Cave’s Branch became Kay’s Branch, and so it shall remain

    First, the regular news and then I will get into the shock of getting a flyer in my mailbox inviting me to come to John Harrod’s home on Sunday to meet with a lady from the Historical Society who wanted to change the name of our road back to Cave’s Branch Road.  

  • Fretting over the little things only brings wrinkles

    It’s been a slow week for news on the Branch. Wanda said they gathered walnuts this week and laid them out to dry so the husks would come off more easily. She cracks them and freezes the meat to bake with or make candy.  

  • Spring forward, fall back. Why?

    The weather continues to smile on us on the Branch. John and I got a couple of loads of wood split last week and stacked under the screened in porch. It’s at the ready if the weather ever catches up with the calendar, but I’m not complaining about the mild weather. Every day the temperature is in the 60s is fine with me.

  • College basketball season is upon us

    Friday John came down and cleaned out the chimney and put new piping on the wood stove to get it ready for the cold weather to come.
    Saturday we went to Ann’s to split wood that John had dropped and cut up and hauled it to my house and stacked it on the back porch. After he left, I mowed the yard for the last time this season. I am now ready to start a fire when the weather gets colder.

  • No disasters during busy week on the Branch

    I’m back. I had just gotten reorganized after getting my billfold stolen when my computer died. Ann ordered another computer “box,” and hooked it up Wednesday, and it still wouldn’t work. We had a young man from Joel’s office come over to look at it and tell us why. He said it wasn’t the computer that was at fault, it was the monitor. He brought one over from Joel’s office, and it worked perfectly. Who knew?

  • Branch residents becoming environmentally aware

    I am up! And I’ve have had coffee. Not because I really wanted to crawl out from under the covers, but It’s Monday and duty calls. I called Fay, but she didn’t answer. She is either at her daughter’s or just didn’t want to face the day yet. This transition time of year before the time changes is hard for folks like me. It’s too warm to sleep without the window open but by 7 a.m. it’s too chilly to roll out of bed with any enthusiasm.

  • Computer whizzes to the rescue

    I’m back! There was no Kay’s Branch News last week. Halfway through typing the news my screen went black. I restarted, but it did no good. I assumed my computer had died. I called Ann. She is my computer expert. She came down and ordered me another “box.” It came on Wednesday. She hooked everything up and it still wasn’t working, so, when all else fails I call Joel and ask him to send over their computer whiz.

  • Ladies, remember to zip your totes

    There was fog in the valley this morning, and though I usually get up about 7 a.m., it felt like 5 a.m. to me. Fall has snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking.