Kays Branch News

  • Kay's Branch News | After 2 sultry weeks, downpours arrive

    The rain finally came.
    After two weeks of dry weather, we got 2 inches of rain on Thursday. I can’t say that everything was turning brown, but I’m sure the grass and trees appreciated it. The gardens are all laid by, and the hay has been cut, so most everybody is ready for fall to begin.

  • Kay's Branch News | The country has lost its 'voice of reason'

    The Kentucky State Fair has come and gone for another year. Wanda said she and Ray went last Tuesday in the evening to miss the heat of the day. They walked around to see some of the exhibits, among which was a 300 lb. watermelon. She said it was the biggest watermelon she had ever seen. It must have been some job getting that crop picked. Do you “pick” watermelons? I guess “harvest” would be a better word. Anyway, it was the biggest one she had ever seen.

  • Kay's Branch News | Farm-to-table dinner a hit for Branch residents

    There is very little news this week from the Branch. Our new neighbors have settled into their house. Wanda bush hogged the area outside of the fenced-in house lot, and she is keeping that area mowed now. It looks very neat. I got all my mowing before the rain started again.
    Wanda said the Kentucky State Fair is taking place through Aug. 26. She said they advertised 26 free concerts with admission tickets, so there will be lots of music for everyone.

  • Kay's Branch News | I can't plan for a rain that only comes every 20 years

    Rain, rain, rain. I could stop right there. That has been the news on the Branch this week. We have had 5-plus inches of rain this week.

  • Despite heat, Branch residents enjoy memorable fireworks show

    The Fourth of July was the hottest day of the year so far. My thermometer at the front of the house read 91 degrees at noon, and the sun had already moved to the back of the house. I spent the day inside under the air conditioner. Dobbs and I watched the Fourth of July spectacular on KET.

  • Kay's Branch News: Vassar reunion fosters nostalgia

    It was another great week for haying. Bruce and Fay got theirs cut, baled and in the barn dry, as did most of the farmers in this area.

    Unfortunately, they had bad luck with the barn itself. Somebody stole the siding off the barn on the Branch.

  • Kay's Branch News | Farmers take advantage of last week's dry days

    It’s overcast this morning after a week or so of sunshine. During that week all the farmers around here got their hay cut, dried, raked and baled. That is almost a miracle. It only happens about one year out of every six in this part of Kentucky.
    Wanda said she raked hay for Ray all day Wednesday. She said this was the first time she had attempted this chore, but she got it done while Ray came behind her and baled. They got it all into the barn on Friday. I drove into Owenton late last week, and everybody along the road was doing the same job.  

  • Kay's Branch News | A beautiful start to May on the Branch

    It’s beautiful out this morning. The sun is shining and melting the frost off my front yard. Yes, it’s May, and I still see frost. That’s always the way when you live in a valley — it’s the last place to get frost and the first place to get a freeze in the fall. But I’m not complaining, the sun is shining this morning, and all is well in my small part of the world.

  • Kay's Branch News | Golf tournament tops weather this week

    Snow! We have another skiff of snow on the ground as I write this Monday morning. This is April; the trees are blooming, Keeneland is running. This is not snow time, but this is Kentucky. Anything can happen weather-wise. The ground was just drying up enough for some of us to get out and mow the yard. Ray got his done, and Fay said she mowed too, but the wind was too cold for me, and I have had skiffs of snow every morning, so I continue to sit and watch TV and hope it will be better tomorrow.

  • Kay's Branch News | Capital Plaza Tower implosion creates excitement locally

    This has been a good week for me. I got to play bridge Tuesday. The sun was shining, and I could see spring just around the corner — then it snowed on Wednesday and burst my bubble. There was a good crowd at church Sunday. The new furnace was doing its job, and everybody was glad to be back in their pews.
    Fay said attendance was good at her church too. She has been staying with her sister Sue some this week. She is bedfast now. Fay has been doing some cooking for her and helping the nurse that looks after her. Their family needs your prayers.