Tearing down to make room for progress

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Snow! It came on Saturday and was gone pretty quick, but a light dusting Monday morning was enough to call off school.
January birthdays then and now. Elvis Presley was born Jan. 8. My Danny would’ve been 71 on Jan. 9, the same day as Crystal Gayle. I had several visits with her backstage before and after I had my hair cut on the Today Show in 2006. She still has her very long hair, but mine is out of the running for the longest now!
Bryan New’s son, Braden, turned 20 Jan. 11, the same day as his great-grandfather Elvin True in 1880. They celebrated at Florence with supper and fun riding go-karts.
On Sunday Ray and I picked up pizzas and headed to his good friend Glen Franklin’s near Shelbyville. He has been in a wheelchair for many years as a result of being wounded as a state trooper. He and Jan enjoyed sharing pizza and playing dominos, even if he didn’t win!
Ray went to John Spicer’s Wednesday to help him with a job, so we got to see the result of months of work he has done converting his cistern into a train room. The floor is covered with tracks encircling the room and lots of train cars; some John got as a child in Monterey. The room is off limits to grandson Liam until he gets a little older.
Bee said the highlight of her week was Ann took her to get a haircut. Simple pleasures!
Ann goes to yoga to stay flexible. I tried it once, too slow motion for me even though I need the stretching. I talked to Dana Carlisle Kennedy. She started going to yoga at the Owen County Public Library on Wednesdays. She likes it.
They haven’t done anything exciting. They like to stay close to home during the winter. Dana’s talents include making a Japanese form of tie-dye scarves and hand-dipped tapers from days at the Monterey candle shop, but those are summer activities.
I talked to Faye and Bruce True. They have been under the weather this last week. They also had a new calf this week. The calf was healthy, so that was good news.
John and Tona Harrod are working on her studio in the building behind their home. Tona is planning to host workshops of drawing and painting for people who want to learn.
John’s talent is writing songs that keep growing in his head and playing fiddle during the slow months of winter.
Anna is living in Lexington, working with Mom Jane’s Landscape and CBD oil — hemp greenhouses — so I am sure she is glad to have her back home from Alaska. I saw they had a meeting in Frankfort to elect officers of the CBD team.
John is helping plan a Bicentennial reunion of Bill Livers’ Red Hot String Band in June as one event of the ongoing celebration for the county.
Chris Schimmoeller organized a protest last week against logging on 360 acres of the John A. Kleber Wildlife Management Area near their farms.
I guess the state is looking for a way to make money for whatever, but they have to destroy a lot of valuable walnut trees to make roads to get trees out. I had never heard of the WMAs being logged before.
The old frame house on Bee’s farm — where Joel Dufour started Earth Tools — has been torn down to make room for progress.
I just found out the Spicer’s got the house moved there in the ‘70s. My Dad, “Red” True, bought that old house for $5 when Frankfort was tearing out houses to make room for the civic center (and now it’s been torn down). He somehow got it on a truck and hauled it up there, and Stoney put the foundation under it.
The house I grew up in near Old Cedar Baptist Church was also moved in two sections from Covington, Ky. in the late ‘50s or very early ‘60s before anyone ever heard of people moving houses. Someone had to ride on top of the house to hold up electric lines. It took a few years to get it ready to move into. My sister said she remembered seeing it come past the old Monterey school on the truck. Quite an undertaking back then! This was before the big road, too. Charles Grugin was one of the men who helped do it.
Leave it to my Dad; he would try anything and could do pretty much anything. He was one of a kind. He kept his pockets worn out carrying tools, but he was always ready for a job.
Ray had planned to take Ellis to the aquarium Saturday, but snow changed plans. We cooked chili and had Todd, Lauren and Ellis for supper.
Little Braxton and parents came by so he and Ellis had fun playing together, so we didn’t play dominos.
Have a good week. Maybe more snow next weekend?