Spring is starting to show itself

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Kay's Branch News

By Bee Spicer

Sorry, I completely forgot you week before last. It was cold and rainy, and there was nothing on TV, so I picked up a book and began to read. That is never a good thing. I raised my head and looked at the clock and thought, “It’s 11, which is time for bed.” I didn’t remember the column till I got up and opened the computer about 9 a.m. the next morning. You really didn’t miss anything. Wanda was lamenting the fact that she didn’t stay in Florida another week. Her friend Judy, said it was lovely there and  it was biker’s week and they were expecting 500,000 motorcycles in the area. That sounds like a lot of bikes and riders. I’d just as soon skipped that particular festival.
Judy was also celebrating her birthday. And Noel Thomas had a birthday March 1. Patrick New celebrated his birthday March 9.
Fay said they had had at least nine new calves during this rainy weather. She was hoping it would dry out a bit this week. Jennifer was home this weekend and Bruce found some Easter flowers in the pasture for her to take home with her. Mine are beginning to bloom too. The Bradford pear trees are budding, too, and we have green grass. Spring is definitely on the way.
I got my project finished Friday with the last bits and pieces of trim put on it. I now have a cabinet 5 feet long, 18 inches deep and 38 inches high in the laundry room that will hold dog food, soft drinks, laundry basket and all the stuff I kept on top of the washer and dryer. It looks much neater now. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?
I went to Owenton Thursday. As I went by the store I noticed cars and pickup trucks lined up on both sides of the building and front. It looked like he started a used car lot. They were still there when I came home so I stopped to see what was going on. There must have been 25 guys in there sitting up and down the tables and three deep around the pitch table waiting their turn.
Lou Ann was there. She is getting out now and driving a little, so she comes to the store and visits with old friends. It was good to see everybody. I talked to her and Frank McDonald a while and some of the ones I knew. It was so good to see Lou out and about again.
Ann, Pat and I went to Louisville again this Saturday to another play. I watched the first half of the UK ball game before Ann picked me up and we went to Frankfort to meet Pat and watched the second half  on Tutt’s TV. The play started at 4 p.m. and we didn’t leave Frankfort till 3 p.m. We were making good time till we got to the Third Street exit. The Ohio was up so we had to detour. Pat assured us that she knew how to get to the Brown Theater via Ninth Street but she missed one turn and we wound up in the boondocks of Louisville. We did finally make enough left turns to get back to the theater but we missed the first five minutes of the play. It proved to be worth the effort and we all enjoyed ourselves. We got back to the Branch about 7:20 p.m..
At 8 p.m.  I got a call from Pat saying she had had a text from Chris saying that Rachel was in the hospital and was having the baby. I got pictures and a full report this morning. Caitlin Elizabeth Fint was born at 11:29 p.m. Saturday, March 12, 2011. She was three weeks early but weighed a respectable 6 pounds, 12 ounces and was 19 inches long. The doctor pronounced both mother and daughter healthy and glad it was over.
While I was at home waiting on baby news, Wanda and 10 of her friends went to Franki and Johnny’s for dancing to the music of the Silverwings band. She learned that just a few days earlier Jeremy and Gina Goodrich had lost their home to a fire.
 There seems to have been so many fires this winter. I’ll be glad to see the end to the wood-burning season.
Wanda had also talked to Gwen. Gwen’s son, Sean, lives in Hawaii. She said they were not damaged by the tsunami, but his wife’s parents were in Japan. They had learned that they were OK, too. Charlene Raisor’s son, Robert, and his wife live in Oregon. Her family are Japanese and lived in the town that got hit so hard by the quake. He said they had heard from her sister and brother but hadn’t had any news from the parents. We want to keep all of the earthquake victims in our prayers.
Joel, Lou Ann, Rastus and Audrey were back at church Sunday. They were all out sick last week. Rastus said he had an appointment with a specialist this week to see if he could find out just why he is having difficulty using his right hand and leg. They have suggested several different causes but haven’t settled on anything as yet. Joel reported that Jimmy Smith, who was a Monterey resident several years ago and is married to his aunt Helen, fell last week and broke his hip rather badly. He had to have hip replacement surgery this week. Joel said his surgeon was getting ready to go to Atlanta for the basketball games and postponed his trip to do the surgery, then flew to Atlanta late that night to make the weekend games. Joel said Jimmy was doing well and the doctor got to see two very good games.
To all you Irishmen out there, have a very good St. Pactrick’s Day. My maiden name is O’Banion, so I’ll be wearing the green on Thursday, too.