The social scene could be looking up

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Kay’s Branch News

By Bee Spicer

It was -9 on my thermometer Saturday morning. I kid you not. I live in a valley and it’s always colder here than anyplace else.
We called off church Saturday. Joel called to see if I wanted him to go to Monterey to clear the ice off the sidewalk of the church. I wouldn’t have wished my worse enemy out on Saturday morning.
We talked a while and compared the sick and decided that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to heat the church for four or five people. I called around and got the news.
Rastus is better but not well, yet. He saw his regular doctor again last week about the numbness in his leg. He is being sent to a specialist, who may have to put a stint in his leg to even the blood flow to the foot.
Lou Ann is finally having her surgery or more specific “procedure” this week. She was deemed a good candidate for the goo that turns into cement and holds one’s spine together. They will be doing it Wednesday.
Rastus felt well enough to go to Tommy’s Saturday. Tommy had been in South Carolina during the Christmas holidays and didn’t get to be with his family, so he had a dinner and afternoon of catching up. Audrey said they had a very nice day.
Ann and I were suppose to go to Lexington to lunch and a movie Saturday but I backed out on her. It was just too cold to get out.
Wanda said that she and 15 of her friends went to Franco’s Saturday night to a dance. The money raised went to a woman and her two children whose home burned last week in Defoe. There were lots of dance partners and everybody had a wonderful time, while doing something for somebody else, thanks to Frankie and Teresa. The band, “The Silver Winds,” was very good and the restaurant is now open.
I did get out of the house last week.
My golf buddy, who hosted the domino games last winter, had been ill through the fall and winter. She is much better now and called this week to invite me to play dominoes last Wednesday. It was good to see my friends again and do something besides buy dog food and talk to the dogs.
If I’m lucky and nobody gets sick before Friday, I’ll be playing Hand and Foot for the first time since October. My social life is looking up.
Before the dance Saturday, there was word of a wreck on Hwy. 355 near Perry Park. Later they found out that it was Cori, Frankie and Teresa’s daughter. They took her to UK Med Center. They found that she had broken her back. Please keep her in your prayers.
Froggy Radio, whatever that is, announced that an acoustic concert will be held at the newly renovated Grand Theatre Friday. It will be a benefit for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Wanda said they had engaged three really talented musicians. She had heard them on the radio lately. I didn’t know people still listened to the radio. So, if you have no plans for this Friday evening, it would be a nice place to get in out of the cold.