A Snapshot Spring

TALKING TO MYSELF: 6 MAY 2013     For several days I’ve been trying to write a blog post to accompany this beautiful picture Ernie took in our backyard last Thursday. But the short meditation I had in mind has taken a notion to turn itself into a longer essay, and that’s going to take more time than I’ve had this past weekend or today. In this snapshot spring, here again, then not, squeesed between cold fronts and torrential rains, we need all the documentation we can muster to reassure ourselves that yes, it is May in Kentucky and not March. I’ve decided to go ahead, then, and share the photo now – and let the words come later when they’re ready.

The flowering ground cover is ajuga, a popular plant in this part of the country in the mid-twentieth century up through the ‘70s. My young landscaper, however, was not too familiar with it, and I had to convince him that it would thrive in our shady backyard where all grass had failed. Ajuga blooms abundantly in the spring, but the green-purplish foliage holds its color throughout the year and spreads close and tight to the ground like a lush carpet.

©Georgia Green Stamper 2013 

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