Six years and still lost

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By Brian Blair

Much has happened over the last six years. My family has grown by two. Kentucky has seen three different basketball coaches, my VCR has been replaced by a DVR and my Internet is now wireless.

Something else has been happening for a little more than half of the last decade. My wife and I became fans of a little television show called Lost. You may have heard of it. If not, indulge me for a second and let me recap it for you.

A plane breaks apart over the Pacific Ocean. A bunch of people survive and find themselves stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. They think they are alone but find out there are “others” and a plume of black smoke that seems to always be out to get them.

They look for ways to get off the island but never seem to be able to. Just when it appears that they may have done just that, we find out: “Spoiler alert,” they are all dead. Great.

Before the airing of the finale I heard either the producer or the director utter these words, or something close to it. I hope that people have become attached to the show over the last six years and have found it to be somewhat meaningful.

Now that it is over, I am pretty sure I did become attached to it, but I am also pretty sure that I didn’t get it.

You are telling me that I watched a show for six years about something that never really happened. You have got to be kidding me.

When the final credits were over, I was feeling bad about myself for wasting so much of my time. Then the local news came on. Their second story was about a group of people who got together at a local hotel to watch the finale. One of them came all the way from Belgium. At the risk of offending someone who may have attended, I was glad to see the story. At least I could be left to wonder what became of the last six years of my life from the comforts of my own living room and did not have a 12-hour plane ride back home to sort through it.

Still I am not sure what truly happened during the final episode. I guess it will now be left up to my own imagination to try to put a bow on it. My other option would be to watch the episode of Jimmy Kimmel I recorded to see the three alternate endings. I am sure that won’t confuse me anymore than I already am.

I am sure that if I was not sitting here typing this column that I could be on the blogs and fan sites right now reading what someone with absolutely no life thinks just happened on the show. They could explain to me all the intricate details of the show’s inner workings and how the characters were all linked to teach everyone who watched about who they really are as people. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

All I know is that I enjoyed the show for the past six years and in some ways am sad to see it go. But for now I really need to wrap this up. I have to update my Facebook page.

“Just finished watching Lost. Would someone please tell me what that was all about?”


Brian Blair is the sports reporter for the News-Herald.