TALKING TO MYSELF: 12 MAY 2014 Yesterday was kind even though my hair has gone on vacation, I committed a social faux pas that will haunt me for days, and I cheated on my WW diet and gained a pound overnight. I also played hooky from church, and thus was punished by missing my crush Evan the Great Tenor's (oh is he good!) last solo in our choir before he heads off to graduate school and the world of opera. 

I began the day by "sleeping in," a rare treat since our modest, little bathroom re-do project began in early March. (Yes, a book about this debacle is in the making.) Then I was off to a charity luncheon, "To Mothers With Love," at Lexington's Grand Reserve (an old warehouse made oddly beautiful) for an abundant buffet luncheon and musical revue. The latter included a "we're thinking of going on the road if times get hard" ensemble act by daughter Becky and her three children, Owen (in 3d grade), Eliza (7th) and Jared (9th.) My DNA contributed nothing to their talent, but I do take a little credit for driving Becky and her two sisters to a hundred thousand music lessons back in the day.

Then last evening, son-in-law Alex organized a BBQ supper for all of us at his & our daughter Georgeann's house. The weather was perfect for our first family deck picnic in 2014. How sweet it was to see all of the grandchildren playing outside in short sleeves. Maybe summer is finally here after this long hard winter and chilly spring. 

Today, I'll pick up where I left off on Saturday. I'll deal with the lazy, rebellious hair, climb back on the diet wagon, return to the remodeling mess in our house and resume fretting about some pretty serious problems in my small world. But yesterday was about as fine a Mother's Day as I've ever had. Thank you, my children.

If you have a few minutes to spare here is a vimeo link of Becky's family's performance yesterday. The Mary Poppins medley was arranged by Dr. Johnie Dean. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I think it's pretty special.


And here is a vimeo link to Evan Johnson's solo, yesterday morning, at Lexington First UM, Ride On King Jesus. He doesn't know I have a crush on him - okay I guess now he does - but Ernie says it's okay since Evan is forty or more years younger than me. http://vimeo.com/user11276907/review/94974828/08c128a95f

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