Rabbit Hash General Store on track to open in 2017

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By Sarah Brookbank
The Kentucky Enquirer
It has been almost a year since the beloved Rabbit Hash General Store was destroyed by fire, but driving through Rabbit Hash today, you’d hardly know it.
Construction has been going strong on the General Store since the fall, when plans were approved. Now the walls are up and the Coca-Cola sign is painted.
The Rabbit Hash Historical Society wants to keep the General Store on the National Register of Historic Places.
The drawings and plans had to be approved by national, state and local historical societies before the plans could move forward. Strict restrictions from the U.S. Department of the Interior state that wood from the same time period must be used in restoration of the General Store.
Now construction moves inside where workers must lay 3-inch tongue-and-groove paneling through the inside of the store.
“The best news of 2017 is that we don’t think the opening of the store is going to take as long as we first projected. It is not going to take until late summer and Old Timers Day,” said Don Clare, president of the Rabbit Hash Historical Society in a statement. “We would really like it to be on Feb. 13, 2017. One year to the day it burned (just for the non-believers). But that may be pushing it. Early spring, however, is certainly not out of the question.”

Rabbit Hash may get its ferry in 2017

After a long-contested battle for a ferryboat, construction on the link between Rabbit Hash and Rising Sun, Indiana, will begin in 2017.
The ferry will be located off Lower River Road near the intersection of Ky. 18 in western Boone County. The Rabbit Hash General Store, which was devastated by fire in February, is about two miles away.
The ferryboat was approved by the Boone County Board of Appeals in July.
Full House Resorts Inc., owner of Rising Star Casino, will still need to get approval of its plans for the 10-car ferry from the U.S. Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers.
According to an interview with The Enquirer in November, if the approvals come, the casino expects it can begin operating the ferry by late 2017.
According to Full House Resorts CEO Dan Lee, the ferry would make access to the casino much easier for the residents of Northern Kentucky and would be beneficial to the community.

Courtesy of the Kentucky Press News Service