New neighbor for Kay's Branch residents

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By Bee Spicer

Summer came in and brought the heat with it. I got my big front yard mowed before the heat struck, but the rest of the yard will just have to go till this heat passes. I had to close off most of the house and turn on the air conditioner in the sun room.

I had it put in when mother occupied that part of the house. I haven’t used it much since she is no long with me, but I have needed it this weekend.

I almost didn’t write this week. I hadn’t received Wanda’s news and Fay wasn’t at home when I called. I guess they got out early to get their chores done before the heat descends on us again.

I had started an email to Molly when Wanda appeared at my door. The storm last week had knocked out her phone and her cell wasn’t working, so she hand delivered it, old style.

Wanda and Ray went camping and trout fishing with Ollie and Angie Walters at Wolf Creek Dam on the Cumberland River last week. They set up their tents in the Kendall there. She said it was really hot, but when you were out in the boat on the river it wasn’t so bad. The water was icy. She said the river was so low that people were wading out in the middle of the river fishing. The big rock and the sand bars were exposed. Then they open the dam and filled the river with water at the bottom of Lake Cumberland and suddenly the river was back up again and icy cold. They were fishing for trout and toured the fish hatchery there. They got their best catch below the fish hatchery. They didn’t catch a lot, but enough to keep them fed and a few to bring home. They had storms on Thursday night that kind of cooled their enthusiasm for camping. Also a couple of baby skunks trapped Ollie and Angie in their tent for a long time. The little varmints were eating coleslaw from a zip lock bag and were so intent on their meal they didn’t notice the people cowering in their tent.

Wanda said she and Ray almost walked over them in the dark, as they were looking to see what had happened to Ollie and Angie. All is well that ends well, nobody got skunked. They got home on Friday night with a few trout to put in the freezer.

On Saturday Ray, Wanda and his sisters Jean and Patty, went to Mt. Sterling to visit their Aunt Jewell and Uncle Carl who are now 86 and 87 years old. They went prepared with Long John Silver fish and Lee’s friend chicken and all the fixins. Ray’s family lived in Montgomery County when he was a boy. They had a nice visit with elderly kin.

Mike and Charlene were going to Frankfort on Sunday to visit with Catherine Raisor. She is well into her 90s now and still living alone.

Lela Maude fell last week. She didn’t break anything but her daughter, Linda, who was with her couldn’t get her up so she called the ‘store’ and they sent one of the Monterey Fire Department members who was probably playing cards there at the time to help.

She began to run a temperature later in the day so they took her to the hospital, but she was back home on Friday.

Her grandson and his wife who live away from here are coming to visit her today. Our prayers for healing go out to her, Lou Ann and Ron Holland, our neighbor from up the road.

There are new neighbors on the Branch.

Spanky and Mandi Hudnall and their children have moved into the house beside Kenny and Jean. We want to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Teri and Rachel and Rachel’s children went to Florida last week for a long weekend to go to Disneyland.

They were meeting friends there and staying in their condo.

I hope they have a great time, but better her than me. I am quite happy with my wee air conditioner and my large screen TV.

I didn’t get Fay before she left the house this morning, so that’s about it from the Branch.