TALKING TO MYSELF - 7 November 2013     Whew. Day 6 of Thanks - Giving rushed by without my pausing to reflect. As I wrote at the outset of this little project what I am most thankful for is a full  life that allows no time for boredom. Yesterday stretched me in multiple directions. First, sweet B. K. arrived early, as she does every other Wednesday, to pull our house back from the brink of condemnation by the health department. It's not only the work she does to keep us respectable that makes a difference, but she magically motivates me to try harder, too. I wade through mysterious piles of stuff that have accumulated on the kitchen counter and other random places since her last visit. I rush to catch up on the laundry. And she's been propping me up for so many years now that I rely on her to help me keep track of time, as in, "Georgia, don't you think it's time we carried the deck cushions and umbrellas in for the winter?" Yesterday, she noted that it's only three weeks until Thanksgiving and SIX weeks until Christmas Eve. Was I ready? 

With B.K. in control of things at the house, I slipped out for lunch with daughter Becky, rationalizing that I needed to fortify myself with food before I hit Kroger on "Senior Discount Day." This was true, but B. K.'s work ethic wears me down quickly, and I needed to escape and rest. After lunch and Kroger (have you ever been there on Senior Discount Day? my advice is don't go if you're under 60), I stopped by daughter Georgeann's house for a short visit with her and Hudson since she doesn't work on Wednesdays. Then daughter Shan called last night  with a report on her day and Georgia Jane's joyful bath (tub baths having been less joyful than they used to be since her hospitalization a few weeks ago.) So, yes, I'm thankful for my girls, thankful that they live close enough that I can see them often, thankful that they are close. This is not something I take for granted in today's transient, mobile society, and I humbly am thankful.

I'm also thankful for B.K. and others who have become "near-family" in the years since we moved to Lexington. When we made the decision to re-locate after my husband's retirement, I fretted that I'd never feel to-home anywhere else after thirty years in Ashland, and even went through months of homesickness worthy of an eleven year old at summer camp. I worried that I'd never again have the close network of friends and support that I'd known there. I am thankful that I was flat out wrong.

Now, what am I thankful for today, on Day 7 of Thanks - Giving? Let me be honest. I'm grateful that Christmas Eve is over six weeks away! 

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