Looking Back | October 18, 2017

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Oct. 17, 2012
5 years ago

Honor flight sends Owen County man to Washington, D.C.

It was one of the most emotionally rewarding days of their lives.
That’s what World War II and Korean War veterans said about their Oct. 6 Honor Flight to Washington, D.C., which was sponsored by Owen Electric Cooperative and Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.
Owen Electric and 15 other Kentucky electric cooperatives joined with the Bluegrass Chapter of the Honor Flight Network to take 25 veterans, free of charge, to visit the World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial and the Iwo Jima Monument. Twenty-four of the men were veterans of world War II; four fought in both World War II and the Korean War, and one veteran served in the Korean War.
Deaths: Rita Craigmyle, 70; Rosie King, 68; C.B. Marston, 93; Diana “Marlene” Mason, 65; Drew Tyler Mason, 26; Justin Lee Renfro, 24; Zula B. Smith, 100

Oct. 17, 2007
10 years ago

Building a dream one nail at a time

Every day, Larry Carr wakes up thinking about his house. Carr has taken the challenge of building his own home, from materials found on his farm. This project has dominated his life for the last three years.
“I wake up working and go to bed thinking about working,” Carr said.
The first tree was cut down on Nov. 2, 2004. The plans are constantly changing, adding a wrap around porch, fireplace and many other unique details. Carr estimates they have used five or six different sets of plans. The project has grown into a 3-bedroom, 5,700 sp. foot dream home, with a metal UK blue roof.
“That one (the blue roof) was my wife’s idea,” Carr said.
Deaths: Mae Dell “Minnie” Mefford, 95; Gladys Sutton Stewart, 92; Dorothy Powell, 95; Hazel Martin, 95

Oct. 21, 1992
25 years ago

Websters win Farm Family Award

For the past several years, the Owen County Extension Council has recognized several families across the county with the Owen County Farm Family Pride Award. This award is presented to families in the county each year that are looked upon by their neighbors. The award signifies the winner as utilizing good farm and conservation practices, assisting in community activities, and taking pride in the appearance of their home and farmstead. In short, they are looked upon as being valuable assets to their communities.
Five families were recognized last weekend at the Owen County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting with this award. The families were all nominated by their neighbors in their respective communities.
Reuben and Irene Webster, from Beechwood, are one of this year’s Farm Family Pride winners. They farm about 310 acres, raising 2 ½ acres of tobacco, hay, and running a beef herd of about 60 cows.
Deaths: Brenda Kay (Bickers) Tipton; Sall M. Judy, 68; Wallace Lang King, 74; Rita Cook, 73; Opal Hall, 64; Brandon Giles, 14 months; Warren Edward McClellan

October 19, 1967
50 years ago

History of War and Effects on County told by William A. Payne

A man who was very much a part of the history he related was guest speaker at Owen County Historical society Monday night when they considered the years of conflict during the Second World War. Col. William A. Payne, Ret., teacher of math at Owen County Junior high, related events starting with the great depression and ending with formation of the United Nations.
Col. Payne called the years 1940-1950 “one of the most eventful periods in the history of man.” He pointed to “great social and political adjustments” and “the vast amount of destruction of men and materials” during the conflicts in Europe and the far East.
Col. Payne noted the depression had perhaps a greater effect on Europe than on the United States. He traced the rise of Adolph Hitler, a “high school dropout,” from his unsuccessful school days to his one-man rule over the millions in Europe.
Deaths: William Robert Dunavent, 74; Mrs. Maggie Hambrick, 76