Letter to the editor: Commemorate King's march for civil rights

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February, consecrated as Black History Month in the United States by  
President Ford’s Administration in 1976, is a month we should take the time  
to remember the bad, recognize the good, and honor the heroic. There are so  
many untold stories of resilient individuals who overcame the atrocities of  
enslavement, segregation and the denial of basic human rights, by propelling  
themselves and others into successes that would have been unimaginable just a  
few hundred years ago. Black history is American history, and it is  
imperative that we bring to light, what our text books otherwise leave in the  

March 5, 2014 will be the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King  
Jr.’s march on Capital Avenue in Frankfort, KY. The year was 1964 when  
King, other civil rights leaders and a crowd of 10,000 people, marched  
peacefully through Frankfort, advocating the support and passage of a civil  
rights bill that was eventually passed two years later as the Kentucky Civil  
Rights Act of 1966. This year, organizers in downtown Frankfort plan to  
re-enact the march from 10:00 a.m. to noon, on Wednesday March 5, 2014.  
Please join me and my family, as we plan to attend and celebrate the historic  
civil rights march as an extended observance of African American history in  
KY and the United States.

For more information, please contact Mary Ann Taylor of the Kentucky  
Commission on Human Rights at (800) 292-5566 or email her at AOCR@ky.gov.

Kalem, Mona and Julian Juett