Kay’s Branch News: Great weather highlights annual bargain hunting

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By Bee Spicer

As I sit now to write, it is Aug. 5 and it’s 52 degrees on the thermometer at my kitchen window. The man on the TV said it might get up to 82 degrees this afternoon. This has been one of the coolest summers I have seen in my tenure on this planet, with the exception of one week at the end of June.
My grass is still very green and still growing.
I got the lawn mower belt that fits my mower and got the yard mowed this weekend. After three weeks and five trips to NAPA, I finally managed to get the right belt. John installed it on Saturday and I now have everything mowed. I hope this is the end of the problem.
Quick clarification: It was the nephew Dillon Traylor who went to Florida last week to attend the welding school.
Ray just cooked the farewell supper for him. Dillon’s family drove down to help him set up his apartment. Wanda’s news item used a lot of “he” and I got confused over who “he” was.
The 127 Yard Sale is in the books for this summer. Wanda and her sister Barbara set up in their mother’s yard and brother Charles cooked his now famous beans and cornbread for the travelers. Wanda said he sold out every day.
Noel Thomas and Kathy set up their stand in their backyard in Monterey.
Wanda said everybody did well. She said she started on Monday setting up her stuff. She likes everything laid out and priced ahead of time. Ray helped her. She said most of her things were sold for the Remnant Baptist Church. She was happy to report that everybody did well this year.
There were others set up at Joyce’s too. Wanda said she made a lot of new friends and some made arrangements to come back next year. She also saw old friends from grade school – Diane Poynter and Jerry Thornton, a Monterey boy. She hadn’t seen them in years. It was really nice to talk them again.
Fay said she and Bruce got to the Tennessee line before retracing their steps homeward. They stopped in Jamestown at a lady’s setup and met Owen countian Herbert Kinman. It was his daughter’s stand. She told Fay he was 89 years old and drove down every summer for the yard sale. He talked to Fay and said he knew who she was because he reads the Kay’s Branch News every week.
I asked Fay if she found anything  she couldn’t live without. She is a collector of Chanel bedspreads.  She found one that is very rare now. So she came home with her prize and a very happy memory of this year’s yard sale.
I saw Owen County on the Lexington evening news on Friday evening. There was a crew from the station filming at Danny Hudnall’s garage lot set ups. One man had started from Indiana and was with a group who were traveling the yard sale to buy furniture and things to furnish a Habitat for Humanity house they were building in his hometown. He already had a U-Haul stuffed with bits and pieces.
I was complaining about the difficulty driving 127 during this weekend, but I had to go to Frankfort both Thursday and Friday. There was a good deal of traffic coming home both days but everybody was either pulling into private property or parking well off the road. I had no problem at all. It also didn’t rain and spoil everybody’s  fun. I would say the 2013 127 Yard Sale was a huge success.
Other things did happen this week. Wanda and Ray tried out the new Casa Mexican Restaurant in Owenton and pronounced it good eating. My nephew Robbie Stephenson, niece Cindy Bangart and Brent Grugin had birthdays over the weekend.
Pat, Bobbie’s sister, went to Goshen to celebrate with him. She invited me to go along but I declined. I had to do the last of the mowing, which could have waited but more important, Tiger was leading the golf tournament and I had to watch that. He shot a 61 on Friday and was leading the field by eight strokes. I had to see how it ended. One must have their priorities straight.