July Rain

 TALKING TO MYSELF 6 July 2013  Well, it’s raining. Our son-in-law Tim blames himself. He installed an expensive underground sprinkler in his Lexington lawn this spring.  “Sayers luck,” he calls it, and sighs. Personally, I think I’m to blame. I have a Woody Allen complex and assume responsibility for all that goes awry in my world. I did keep inching the thermometer up higher and higher last winter, and probably melted a whole polar ice cap single handedly. But Ernie was recovering from surgery and shivering, and I was depressed, and doggone it, the heat just felt good.

Anyway, being a geek, I’ve tried to find out exactly how much rain we have had recently. The numbers are slippery (pardon the pun.) I couldn’t locate June’s total rainfall in the area at all, and welcome assistance from correspondents. It seemed excessive to me, however.

I had better luck chasing down statistics for this week.  Local weatherman Chris Bailey’s blog says Eastern and Central Kentucky have had up to six inches “in the past few days.” Lexington has had three to four inches. The kicker is that the region may have up to four additional inches of rain by the end of tomorrow (Sunday.) That would add up to about ten inches of rain falling in the first week of July. See here:  http://weather.bloginky.com/

If we have ten inches of rain by July 7 that will be more than double the average 4.81 inches of rain that normally falls in Lexington during the ENTIRE month of July. See here: http://average-rainfall-cities.findthedata.org/l/106/Lexington

Lexington’s annual average rainfall is 45.91 inches. So – bear with me here because I’m not too great at math – I think by Sunday night, we will have had almost one fourth of our YEARLY quota of rain during the first seven days of July.

And for those proverbial souls who don’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain, meteorologists are predicting flash flooding in many areas of the state. Duh. http://www.lex18.com/news/flooding-plagues-central-kentucky/?fullsite

Seriously – all my friends and relatives up in Owen and Grant Counties, please be careful. See here: http://www.lex18.com/news/flash-flood-warning-for-owen-grant-pendleton-counties-until-12-45pm-edt/

Ditto for everyone in my recent hometown of Georgetown and Scott County: http://www.lex18.com/news/flash-flood-warning-for-scott-county-until-12-15pm-edt/?fullsite

And in the mountains, and in Louisville – oh, everywhere. Please, please don’t take chances. http://www.lex18.com/home/?fullsite

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