An intervention in New Orleans

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By John Whitlock

It’s no secret that divorce can have a terrible impact on children. Some kids act out, get in trouble with the law or start hanging around the wrong crowd.
This new crowd may lead to terrible changes in their behavior or world viewpoint.
This happened to my own daughter Elizabeth.
After our separation, Elizabeth moved to Louisville to live with her mom. I stayed in the bluegrass area.
She quickly fell into the wrong crowd and that moment most fathers around here dread happening happened.
She became a Cardinals fan.
Since she declared her appreciation of the University of Louisville, we have tried to keep a peaceful truce. She tells me that she roots for the Wildcats if they aren’t playing Louisville and I assure her that I pull for the Cards if they aren’t taking on Kentucky.
I suspect we both know the other is lying.
I’ve used reason, facts, figures and statistics in a futile attempt to bring her back from the dark side.
She won’t be deterred.
But Saturday, I will be holding my own version of an intervention.
The Cats and Cards will square off for a shot at the NCAA national championship game.
With long history as regional rivals, the high stakes and the presence of Kentucky’s former head coach Rick Pitino on the sidelines for Louisville,  this game has all the markings of a classic battle.
Saturday, my beautiful, clever, insightful, funny, sweet but slightly delusional teen-age daughter will plop down on the couch with me. We will share a big bowl of popcorn and maybe some Big Red, just for laughs.
And we will watch together.
And like all fathers, I will endeavor to show my child the errors of her ways.

John Whitlock is the editor of the News-Herald