Hello 2012

 TALKING TO MYSELF: 5 January, 2012 Hello 2012. I’m glad to see you even though I’ll be a year older come April, even though your presidential election may make me feel five years older come this time next January. I have a feeling you and I are going to get along.

To be honest, your buddy 2011 was too manic-depressive for my steady-as-she-goes taste. Oh, nobody did Joy any better than 2011. He delivered a new granddaughter to us, picked up three other grandchildren in another state and dropped them down the road from us in Lexington, and carried a daughter safely through a health scare. But he had a habit of slipping into funks that dumped me into worry, indecision, fatigue and even the occasional moment of despair.

Granted, 2011 and I carried a heavy load what with the unemployment numbers, the famines in Africa, the crazy weather – not to mention crazy people everywhere -   and all those wars. Oh, the wars  - sigh. But giving up and giving in to discouragement doesn’t solve a thing.

So I suggest we make a deal, 2012, right here in the first week of January. Let’s both agree to do the very best we can, where we can, and not lose our minds over what we can’t fix. You’re only one year, and I’m only one person, so the best we can do is all we can do.