Former Monterey native stars in film

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By Bee Spicer

I am getting a late start this morning. I turned on the TV in the kitchen to see how the storm in Texas was doing and couldn’t tear myself away. It’s like a bad tooth. You know it’s going to hurt, but you keep putting your tongue in it anyway. We are dry as a bone, and the grass is brown. We haven’t had rain in a while and Texas and parts of the Gulf Coast are inundated. The news man said they could get up to 50 inches before this is over. My mind just can’t fathom it, and the rain is not supposed to stop before Wednesday.
Closer to home, the eclipse is still news. Sue and Edison Stamper, along with Doreen and her son, David, who is visiting his mother from Canada, drove to Tennessee to watch the eclipse. Doreen’s other son Ben, who lives in British Columbia, flew to Nashville and joined them to watch the eclipse with them. They camped on a friend’s farm and made a week of it. Sue said they got home late Saturday. Doreen went back to Canada to visit a while with her son. Sue said it was a wonderful experience.
Wanda and Ray took a peak at the eclipse too. They were just finishing a paint job for Mayme Smith on Mint Springs Road. She said one of her friends loaned them some glasses. She said it was amazing. She said the sun looked like a crescent moon. She said we only got about 90% coverage here. Janice Smith was a good friend through school. Her mom and Billy Riddle were celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary in Tennessee this week. Congratulations and many more happy years.                            
I  talked to Fay this morning. She said that Jennifer had planned a short weekend vacation for her and her parents so they drove to Tennessee, then realized that was the day of the eclipse. They managed to get glasses and watched the event down there too. Fay said the birds were flying around like they were lost for a while. They had a total black out there. Fay said it was a nice rest before coming home and starting to gather green beans and corn to process. Wanda helped her a bit. Wanda brought me some of the corn. I didn’t need much this year. I have quit freezing corn. I have enough to eat this week, and I tried some last night. It was very good.
The Kentucky State Fair has come and gone. Wanda said she and Ray went one day and stayed for the concert by a band they knew, Chase Bryant, Dylan Scott and Chris Shrader, that evening. She said sheep, pigs and cows were being shown that day. Ray is always interested in the livestock, especially the cows. Wanda isn’t really into livestock. She said they just lay around and sleep in their little stalls until “show time.” Wanda said she didn’t know how the judges could tell one from the other.
Wanda and Ray went to the Grand Theater on Tuesday night to see a movie called “Relict.” She said it means widowed or surviving the death of another, in this case, the death of “his” wife and daughter. It was written and directed by Chris Easterly. Wanda went to church with him at Camp Pleasant for years. He lived in California for several years trying to get into the movie business without much success, so he came to Frankfort and made this movie. Russ Hatter was in it, and so was J.C. Karsner, one of our Monterey boys. He’s the son of Don and Margo Karsner. Wanda said J.C. was the lead character and did a very good job. She really liked the movie. If it ever gets to Netflix, I will order it.
Saturday was a great day to be out and about. Wanda took the kayaks to Elmer Davis Lake to fish. Unfortunately, the wind was up and kept blowing them around so they couldn’t stay in place long enough to wet a line, so they tried the dock and caught two. Then they tried Thomas Lake with no luck, so they came home to Lealy Lake on the hill behind her house and finally caught enough for supper at the cabin.
Fay called her on Sunday to say they had more corn, so she went to their house and helped her pull corn. She called to see if I had room in my freezer for corn and also to see if I wanted some to freeze. I told her I was no longer doing frozen corn but would like some to eat. I now have corn in the basement refrigerator to eat the rest of the week.
John had a birthday last weekend. We went out to eat to celebrate. I will cook his favorite meal later in the fall when it’s cool enough to use the oven.
The Sunday school for 3-6 year olds will start again on Sept. 3, at the Monterey Christian Church. Anyone in the area who would like to bring their pre-schoolers at 10 a.m. is welcome.