Deadline passes to file for county election

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By The Staff

County Judge/Executive:
Casey Ellis, D (incumbent)
Franky Fitzgerald, D
Veronica Gayle, R

County Attorney:

Josh Smith, D

Mark Bess, R (incumbent)
Doug West, D
Lannis Garnett, D
Gary Alcorn, D
Marty Lilly, D
Larry Osborne, R

County Clerk:

Laurel D. Stivers, D (incumbent)

Circuit Court Clerk
Margaret Forsee, D (incumbent)

Property Valuation Administrator:
Blake Robertson, R (incumbent)

Cindy Bruce Walker, D (incumbent)

Mark Garnett, D (incumbent)

First-District Magistrate:

Todd Spurgeon, D (incumbent)
William “Bill” Sullivan, D

Second-District Magistrate:

Stuart Bowling, D (incumbent)

Third-District Magistrate:

Teresa Davis, D (incumbent)
Brandy Lusby Neal, R
Herschel W. “Frog” Harris, R

Fourth-District Magistrate:
Travis Fitzgerald, D (incumbent)
Joel Grugin, D
Chad Rose, R

First-District Constable:
Allen Cammack, D
John Wilson, D
Bryan Roach, R

Second-District Constable:
Brian Riddle, D (incumbent)
Brett Colston, R

Third-District Constable:
Robert Risch, D (incumbent)

Fourth-District Constable:
Larry House, D (incumbent)