Cookies and Me

TALKING TO MYSELF: 28 August 2012 Lately, I've mostly given up cooking. It gets the kichen so messy. If I could seal the room with Saran Wrap and only open it up on holidays, like a well preserved fruitcake, I would. But my friend Laura Zolman over on her blog http://bluegrassbaking.blogspot.com/ is a young Julia Child, and an excellent writer, too. Reading her blog, I remember that I, too, once aspired to be great cook, and earned a few 4-H blue ribbons back in the last century. This was way before I became a counterfeit cook who passes off store bought food as homemade by transferring it to my best dishes. I wish my daughters could remember that woman, they would be so impressed with who I used to be -- but I digress.

The point is this. Laura's recent conversation about her recipe for chocolate chip cookies, the best she's run across, inspired me to pull out the mixer and give it a try. A skinny grandson's allergies to both nuts and soy also pushed me to desperate measures. Supermarket cookies almost always contain soy and "traces of nuts."

Alas, whipping up nut-and-soy-free cookies from scratch is as messy a job  as I remembered it to be. When I creamed the butter and sugar together, little specks flew all over the place and landed in faraway places. Our seventeen-month- old granddaughter, GJ, was also helping me. She was delighted to discover some cabinets she didn't know existed, and that flour, like the food on her high chair tray, is governed by the law of gravity. Then, of course, there were the dishes to wash up after I was done. All in all, it was not a whip and a snap, and I remembered why I had resorted to a life of crime as a counterfeiter in the first place.

The final result, however, was better than I expected. GJ, having little experience with homemade chocolate chip cookies DID toss hers on the floor (she's really into studying gravity right now), but Ernie gave my effort a thumbs up. Since chocolate chip is his least favorite cookie, I thought that a testimony to Laura's recipe. The skinny grandson dropped by for a to-go bag for his lunch box. His verdict is still out, though, because he was in a hurry.

Enough of my blathering - check out Laura Zolman's blog. You're going to hear more from this young woman in the future.  Here is her most recent entry with the remarkable chocolate chip cookie recipe, http://bluegrassbaking.blogspot.com/2012/08/back-to-school-chocolate-chi... . Do, however, scroll down to read her earlier entries. You'll find yourself both drooling and laughing. Be careful though - you may be tempted to unwrap the kitchen and venture in.

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