Commentary: Eldrick finds himself needing a real mulligan

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By Brian Blair

People who get lost in the desert have talked about seeing mirages. They have been walking for days and think they see an oasis in the distance. They struggle to get there only to find out that what they thought was something special was nothing more than their own imagination.

Such is the story of Tiger Woods.

You know how when you got in trouble as a kid your parents used your full name. For the rest of this column I prefer to refer to Tiger by his real name, Eldrick. It appears that this tiger may have been caught by the tail. 

Early in the morning, the day after Thanksgiving, Eldrick had a car accident just outside of his driveway. He was not rushing to Target or Wal-mart for some incredible sale. Rather he may have been running from himself.

Eldrick may be the most famous athlete in the world. It seemed he had everything going for him. His life at home seemed to be perfect and he seemed to be the perfect family man. So when he had a fender-bender on the street in front of his house and alcohol was not involved, everyone began to speculate on why and how that happened.

The answer to those questions may never be fully known. What is known has become one of the biggest stories of the year. It appears Eldrick may have been involved in some extra-curricular activities off the golf course that did not involve his wife.

Several women have since come forth, and while it is still unclear how many of them are telling the truth, I think it is safe to say something was going on.

While this may be shocking to many people, I have come to this conclusion. In the end, it turns out that Eldrick was not that special athlete that everyone thought he was. It turns out that he was not that different after all.

I realize that I am painting with a broad brush and that not every athlete is cheating on his wife or betting on games or going to nightclubs with loaded weapons.

For instance, I watched Tim Tebow, quarterback from the University of Florida, over the weekend and even in defeat he exuded class and humility. I would have expected nothing less from the young man who has stood up for what he believes since he stepped on campus four years ago. 

It just seems to me that in more instances than not, when we put someone on a pedestal, they seem to come crashing down. And in the majority of cases, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Oh sure, they can blame their problems on the pressure or the media and can even play the victim. When push comes to shove, however, the only person to blame is the one staring back at them in the mirror, and the victims are the people that they hurt by their actions.

I am sorry to say that while Eldrick may be the greatest golfer to ever pick up a club, as far as being a role model and someone to look up to, he has hit that drive out of bounds. It goes to show that it is not wise to put our hopes and trust in athletes, politicians or other public figures. Maybe if we expected less out of them, we would not be so disappointed or shocked when they do something stupid and let us down.