Bardstown firm wins Owen asphalt contact

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By John Whitlock

A firm from Bardstown has been awarded three contracts to repair some roads in Owen County.
Two companies, Eaton Asphalt of Walton and Mago Construction of Bardstown, submitted sealed bids for the work.
At a special meeting Friday morning of the Owen County Fiscal Court, the magistrates opened and read bids.
Under the guidelines of the bids, the Harris Ridge will receive 1.518 miles of new asphalt; Slippery Rock, 2.589 miles; and Rockdale will receive 4.005 miles of new asphalt.
The bids were:
Harris Ridge Road: Eaton - $61,657; Mago - $51,153.80.
Rockdale: Eaton - $165,814; Mago - $147,368.80.50
Slippery Rock: Eaton - $102,239; Mago - $89.099.80.
A motion by Owen County First-District Magistrate Asa Phillips to accept all of low-bidder Mago’s offers. The motion was unanimously passed.
Under the conditions of the bids, the work must be completed no later than June 1, 2014.
During its July 9 meeting, the court approved a resolution to use discretionary and flex funding for repayment of Buck’s Run Road, Cull Pepper Pike, Old Landing Road, Old Sparta Road, Kemper Lane and Cardinal Drive.
The remaining money from the fund will be used to repair and repave sections of Rockdale Road, Slippery Rock Road and Harris Ridge Road.