2018 Primary Election candidate filings

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By Molly Haines

To keep our readers up to date on the most recent candidate filings for the 2018 May Primary Election, The News-Herald will continuously update the following list until the filing period for candidates who must run in the primary ends at 4 p.m., Jan. 30. The May Primary Election will take place Tuesday, May 22.

County Judge/Executive:
Nov. 21 — Casey Ellis, D (incumbent)
Dec. 8 — Franky Fitzgerald, D

County Attorney:
Nov. 21 — Josh Smith, D (incumbent)

Nov. 13 — Mark Bess, R (incumbent)
Nov. 21 — Doug West, D
Nov. 27 — Lannis Garnett, D
Dec. 21 — Gary Alcorn, D

County Clerk:
Nov. 8 — Laurel D. Stivers, D (incumbent)

Circuit Court Clerk:
Nov. 8 — Margaret Forsee, D (incumbent)

Property Valuation Administrator:
Nov. 14 — Blake Robertson, R (incumbent)

Nov. 17 — Cindy Bruce Walker, D (incumbent)

Nov. 21 — Mark Garnett, D (incumbent)

First-District Magistrate:
Nov. 28 — Todd Spurgeon, D (incumbent)

Second-District Magistrate:
Nov. 21 — Stuart Bowling, D (incumbent)

District-Four Magistrate: 
Nov. 27 — Travis Fitzgerald, D (incumbent)
Jan. 12 — Joel Grugin, D

First-District Constable 
Jan. 12 — Allen Cammack, D

Second-District Constable 
Jan. 17 — Brian Riddle, D (incumbent)
Jan. 18 — Brett Colston, R

Third-District Constable 
Dec. 15 — Robert Risch, D (incumbent)

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