‘Service Above Self’ for some OCHS students

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By Elisabeth Moore

“Service Above Self” is a motto many Owenton Rotarians have learned well and now Owen County High School students are getting the same lesson with the creation of the Interact Club.
Interact Club is an independent club based on the Rotary Club, which focuses on the motto of “Service Above Self.” While the Interact Club does focus on that same motto, it also includes a much more youth-focused mentality.
The Interact Club is filled with high schoolers ages 12-18. According to their website, Interact Clubs give students the opportunity to interact more with their community while developing leadership skills and discovering the power of “Service Above Self.”
Assisting the club is Owenton Rotary Club member and OCHS Principal Duane Kline. Kline joined the Owenton Rotary Club when he first moved to Owen County in 2012 but has been working with the Interact Club since spring 2017 to make it an official club at OCHS.
“We started in the spring of 2017 just to get it organized,” Kline said. “In December, we received our charter and became an official club. We even received a gavel and other club information that the club will need.”
Interact Clubs aim to help the community and nation as a whole, according to Kline, which is accomplished through student-led projects that can be performed throughout the year. These projects can either be geared toward their school, community or some international problem.
For their first official project, the OCHS Interact Club is focusing on a freshman-mentoring project that will help a new student when they enter high school. Kline said the club is currently working on this project so it can be used for the next school year.
“One of the goals of our local Rotary is to create a group for youth,” Kline said. “We plan on doing fundraising that will be directly turned back into the community. We are just working on ways to help others and how to make things better in our community.”
Other areas that the Interact Club may help with are providing for organizations in the community like Meeting the Needs or possibly going international by helping receive clean water for third world countries. Kline said there are a wide variety of projects that the Interact Club can do to help their community and world.
Kline also advocated that every high school needs to look into having an Interact Club since it focuses on helping students become civil servants and leaders in their community. He said many students in Owen County seem open to improving their community, which has helped the Interact Club at OCHS grow even more.
“I think that not only Owen County, but every high school needs an Interact Club,” Kline said. “The club really focuses on creating servant leaders, and the kids in Owen seem open to that. I have been approached by students interested in helping the community, which the Interact Club can do.”
The OCHS Interact Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the upstairs area of the OCHS gymnasium. If students are interested in joining, Kline said each meeting is open to new members, so students can come and join at any time throughout the year.