TALKING TO MYSELF 16 JUNE 2013  Many of you will have read my essay "Daddy" in Butter in the Morning, but in the hope that a good story bears repeating, I am posting it here again today. When I was young, I assumed everyone had a father like mine - and grandfathers like mine, too. I understand now how fortunate I was to have been nurtured by three men of exceptional character. They were the male role models in my life, so it is not surprising that  I sought a husband so similar to them. I suceeded :-) 

Courtney Kardashian and Me

TALKING TO MYSELF 30 MAY 2013     I am honored to read in the Kentucky Great Writers Series sponsored by The Carnegie Center in Lexington, this coming Tuesday night, June 4, 7:30 p.m.  I will join Sarah Gorham, author of Bad Daughter, and Kim Huston, author of Small Town Sexy. This free, public event will be held on the main floor of The Carnegie Center - Lexington's old public library building in Gratz Park - and I am personally inviting each of you to attend.

Memorial Day 2013

I'm Still Their Mother


A Snapshot Spring

Gwen Curry

TALKING TO MYSELF 18 April 2013: Word has come that Dr. Gwen Curry, longtime professor of English at Georgetown College, died on Tuesday. I had not seen her in a year, maybe a little longer, and her death caught me off guard. We hadn’t gotten together for lunch like we always talked about doing, I hadn’t yet given her a copy of my new book, and I didn’t have a copy of hers --  She was not young, of course, but she wasn't old either. She was timeless in the way some people manage to be.

The Next Big Thing

“The Next Big Thing” is a blog hop where writers around the world share what they’re working on (or have recently published) by responding to the same ten questions.


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