Day 4 - Gas Fireplaces

TALKING TO MYSELF - 4 November 2013     When November's gray mornings roll around, I welcome them beside the gas fireplace in our tiny front room that I grandly call "the library." The bay window catches the morning light, and combined with the fireplace's heat, the morning paper and a cup of Ernie's good coffee, my spirit and cold bones ease into the day with grace and joy.

Coffee and Oatmeal

TALKING TO MYSELF - 3 November, 2013      Day 3: I am thankful I have matured enough to like oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, two "good for you" items that remain on my restricted dietary advisory lists. 

The Internet is swimming with research on the health benefits of coffee. I pulled this one up from the Huffington Post but the Mayo Clinic, WebMd, all the "big ones," have similar, if more densely written, articles.

Day One

Hidden Lives

Graceful Light

Shan's Shoes Redux

TALKING TO MYSELF: 11 SEPTEMBER 2013  A repeat today of a piece I wrote back in 2006. I saw my daughter early this morning, and she was  wearing her shoes. 

This story makes no political point.   It’s not about great personal tragedy.   There is no moral other than the going on – unless, of course, that going on is easier when one is walking in sensible shoes.       

Family Reunions

July Rain


Dr. Cull

TALKING TO MYSELF: 20 June, 2013  You get blasé about miracles.  Men walk on the moon, polio exits the conversation, telephones shrink to fit into your pocket, computers take over the world  without firing a shot.  And you forget that not so long ago half of all the children born died of infectious diseases like strep throat, measles and pneumonia.

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