Christmas Historical Facts

TALKING TO MYSELF 20 December 2013   A correspondent has shared the blog post of retired UM Bishop Joe Pennel. I enjoyed reviewing his brief historical glance at the way Christmas has been celebrated over the centuries, and thought you might too. Some things I'd read before, but others I had not. For example, I did not know that the red and green colors we associate now with Christmas are symbolic of the blood of Christ (red) and eternal life (green), a tradition that  originated in the 18th Century. (Color me ignorant.)  


Where I Was

TALKING TO MYSELF: 22 November 2013     Where I was fifty years ago today -- 

Dividing Line           

Classic Flu

Memorial Day

TALKING TO MYSELF - 18 November 2013    The beautiful Fall issue of Kentucky Humanities magazine is in the mail, and its Civil War theme in a divided Kentucky should interest both casual and serious students of the War Between the States. I'm honored to add my voice to the discussion in my back page essay, "Memorial Day," a piece I wrote after visiting the grave of my great-grandfather John William Green, a Civil War veteran. See here for a link to the magazine www.kyhumanities.org/magazine.html

Marshall Plane Crash and You

TALKING TO MYSELF - 15 November 2013     Forty-three years ago, yesterday, the entire Marshall University football team, its coaches, and many of its supporters were killed in a plane crash as they attempted to land in Huntington, West Virginia. We lived in Ashland, Kentucky, near Tri-State Airport, and and the news of the crash rocked our small region. On the same weekend, I miscarried the child that would have been our firstborn.  This is a story about grief  -  


Kentucky Book Fair

TALKING TO MYSELF - 12 November 2013    Book lovers take note: this Saturday, November 16, the annual Kentucky Book Fair takes over the Civic Center in Frankfort from 9 - 4:30. I will be there! along with many other authors. Please stop by and say hello. 

Vice Admiral Willis A. Lee Jr.



Day 5 - Sunset

TALKING TO MYSELF - 5 November 2013     Day 5 of Thanks - Giving - "A picture is worth a thousand words." Enough said. 

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