Aunt Georgia

TALKING TO MYSELF 5 MAY 2014  As far as I can tell, my name, Georgia, has never been trendy.  George has had a good run from time to time with the English kings and with American presidents. The state of Georgia was named, I presume, for one of those men, even as I was named for my maternal grandfather, George Hudson. But Georgia didn’t catch on with the people who name daughters after states. Virginia is the runaway winner in that category followed by variant spellings of Carolina and Maryland, with Montana, believe it or not, coming on strong.

The Woodcarver's Wife

GO BIG BLUE Addendum

Go Big Blue

Who's the Fool?

 TALKING TO MYSELF 1 April, 2014 It’s April Fool’s Day, that hilarious date on the calendar that continues to trick us even into the 21th Century by mysteriously hiding its origins. Ever ready to enlighten my readers, I’ve scoured the Internet in my effort to find out why it has become traditional to make people we care about feel foolish on April 1.

The Last Day of Winter

March 2

RIP Marvin Ray Stewart

Cold Memories


Christmas Columns Redux

TALKING TO MYSELF 24 Dec 2013    This is the first year since I began writing my column, "Georgia: On My Mind," in 2004 that I have not written a Christmas colulmn. I have excuses, but they are boring, and this is Christmas Eve with no time to waste. In the spirit of the season, I am re-posting a link to four pieces from Christmas past (See link below picture.) Merry Christmas with love, Georgia.


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