Over the Hill Names Anonymous

TALKING TO MYSELF 24 September 2014:  It was a joyful morning at the make-believe circus. The children sang Big Top songs as loud as they could, and on cue, they cackled like monkeys and roared like lions. The two-year-old class at our grandson’s nursery school was in rare form for the end of the year program. 

Sadly, though, Charles and Donnie missed the show. Roger, Richard, and Jerry weren't there either, and neither was Ed.

The 1940 Election

It's About Socks

Keep On Going On

TALKING TO MYSELF 11 Sept 2014: Forgive me for posting this old essay again about our daughter's experience on 9-11. I need to keep reminding myself how important it is not only to remember, but to keep on going on. Perhaps you or others do, too.

Shan's Shoes 

Labor Day Weekend

The Fourth of July

The Perfect Hamburger

TALKING TO MYSELF 28 May 2014  Today, May 28, is National Hamburger Day. It is also the day Maya Angelou has died.  The silly riff I sat down to write about beef seems banal in the face of such news. As recently as last week, Ms. Angelou, age 86, tweeted – YES TWEETED – “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.” Hers was the voice of poetry and angels, mine pedestrian and earthbound.

As Lovely As a Tree

TALKING TO MYSELF 27 May 2014  Nat Lee had been dead for a good long while, and laid to rest between his first two wives under a huge stone monument sculpted to look like the trunk of a tree.  I don’t know what the symbolism of the monument was intended to be.  But to me it is a reminder that when you start at the crossroads of the world, you can go anywhere. -- from You Can Go Anywhere

Memorial Day

TALKING TO MYSELF: 25 May 2014  This essay, written several years ago, will be familiar to many of you. It has been published in Kentucky Humanities Magazine and is included in my book, Butter in the Morning. Yet, I return to it this weekend on the blog, because it reminds me once again, not only of the history of this unique holiday, but of the ongoing necessity for reconciliation in the affairs of men and nations.

Memorial Day 


TALKING TO MYSELF: 12 MAY 2014 Yesterday was kind even though my hair has gone on vacation, I committed a social faux pas that will haunt me for days, and I cheated on my WW diet and gained a pound overnight. I also played hooky from church, and thus was punished by missing my crush Evan the Great Tenor's (oh is he good!) last solo in our choir before he heads off to graduate school and the world of opera. 

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