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In That Time

TALKING TO MYSELF 28 January 2015 ... Seven years ago today, my childhood friend, Charlie Wright, died in an auto accident. This was the eulogy I wrote for him that night. I borrowed the title, "In That Time," from Wendell Berry, words of his I'd read in one of my favorite novels, Andy Catlett, and ended the essay with Andy's voice:   And now, as often before, I am reminded how grateful I am to have been there, in that time, with these I have remembered.  I was there with them; they remain here with me.

Mother's Frogs

TALKING TO MYSELF 27 January 2015  I'm not good at coming up with titles for the little stories I write, and I'm even more inept at selecting a title for a book that will pull a passing reader to my table at a book fair. "Butter in the Morning? Is that a cookbook?" they ask. And even I get excited for an instant at the thought of cross-breeding the cholesterol-dripping recipes of Paula Deen and Julia Child.

Christmas Eve

TALKING TO MYSELF 24 Dec 2014 An old piece, but it's one I think appropriate for today.  

Christmas Eve

My mother spoke to me for the last time on Christmas Eve.  I suppose for some such a memory might cast a pall on Christmas forever after, but the events of that evening cause me to hold the season closer.


Aunt Bessie

TALKING TO MYSELF 27 November 2014: This is not a new story, but in my family, we believe a good story is worth repeating, especially at holiday time. 

 The One about Aunt Bessie and the Turkey Dressing

Bring on the Velour!

National Coffee Day

TALKING TO MYSELF 29 September 2014 Today is National Coffee Day, but everyday is Coffee Day at our house. My husband Ernie is a both a coffee addict and a coffee snob. I have been reassured by news reports in recent years that coffee is also good for his health so I say perk and drip on! This seems as good a time as any for a re-run of my essay about coffee that was included in Butter in the Morning

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