Mammoth Cave

TALKING TO MYSELF 22 August 2015 Some friends and members of our family visited Mammoth Cave this weekend, and I was reminded of this old essay from YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE.

Why I Don't Play April Fool's Pranks

A Doughnut Kind of Supper

GEORGIA: ON MY MIND: My most recent newspaper column -- enjoy.


When I come to the end of my life, I suspect I will regret not having eaten more doughnuts.  I’m not talking about the tasteless ho-hum lumps that come out of a supermarket box. I mean the Halleluiah kind puffed full of joyful yeast.  Baptized in bubbling grease. Sanctified in a glaze of sugar.

A Grandparent's Promise

TALKING TO MYSELF 18 March 2015  Our sweet, handsome boy is growing up. Today, he is officially a year older (athough we've been celebrating his birthday since last weekend.) Now that he can read, it's time to embarrass him by repeating this essay I wrote when he was born.  Someday, however, he may realize that I really wrote this for grandparents.



The Day You Were Born

TALKING TO MYSELF 9 March 2015  Today, the caboose in our family turned four. She had a big party on Saturday so this actual Monday birthday has been rather quiet, maybe quiet enough for her to listen to my version of the day she was born. Happy Birthday, Georgia Jane. You are one special little girl, and I am so proud to share my name with you. 

Number Six: The Day You Were Born

     Bonk, bonk, bonk.

Call Home

Leon Harris Addendum

Mountain Island Corrections

Day 5

Day 4

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