Thank You Frank Anderson

Earth Day 2017

TALKING TO MYSELF - 22 April, 2017 --  Today is Earth Day, an oxymoron because planet Earth, in its rotation, defines the very meaning of the word day. In the troubled marriage between Man and Mother Nature, however, April 22 has become an annual counseling session. Both express their needs. “Jobs and convenience,” one says. The other responds, “I require more respect.” They talk, and the talking helps. No one gets everything they want, or even need, but compromises are made, and the relationship continues, improved, I believe. I hope.  


Rear Admiral Willis A. Lee Jr. Revisited


Memorial Day Redux

On Mothering

TALKING TO MYSELF 7 May 2016     Some observations on Mothering on the Eve of Mother's Day -- 

 On Mothering 

Shakespeare's Birthday or Hello April

TALKING TO MYSELF - 22 April, 2016  

  ". . . proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim, Hath put a spirit of youth in everything . . . " 

Old Christmas

TALKING TO MYSELF 7 January 2016 -- "Old Christmas" may be today, January 7. Certainly, it is celebrated on this date by the Orthodox Church in Russia and in some other parts of the world. Or it may have been yesterday, January 6, or the day before that, January 5, depending on where you live and whose traditions you adhere to. The confusion on when Christians agree to celebrate Christmas dates back over four hundred years. That's when the Gregorian Calendar replaced the Julian Calendar and eleven days in the year were "lost" - more accurately, wiped off the calendar.

Christmas Eve

TALKING TO MYSELF - Christmas Columns Past - December 2015 - How I wish I could go home for Christmas at Mother and Daddy's one more time. And I will, in my heart. In my memory.

Christmas Eve

My mother spoke to me for the last time on Christmas Eve.  I suppose for some such a memory might cast a pall on Christmas forever after, but the events of that evening cause me to hold the season closer.

Stolen Christmas

TALKING TO MYSELF - December 2015 - Christmas Columns Past -  "Stolen Christmas" is a true story that was told at my family's Christmas table every year. Recently, our young grandson asked me to tell it to him again. Perhaps you will enjoy hearing it again, also. 

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